Doom flick delayed 'til fall

Movie based on id's FPS franchise delayed; The Rock won't blast hell's minions until October 21.

Blockbuster movies getting turned into games are nothing new, but recently, the roles have been reversed. The jump from gaming monitor to movie screen has been fast and plentiful for many recent titles. Resident Evil, House of the Dead, and Tomb Raider have all made the leap to the silver screen, and Halo, Spy Hunter, and Bloodrayne are some of the games rumored to be coming to a cineplex near you.

News source: GameSpot

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GOOD. Now I actualy have hope for the film. They were doing this TOO fast. This could either mean 1. It is so bad they need time to clean it up or 2. The studio loved what they had and wanted to do more for it.

Fingers crossed.