Doom III Cheats

For those of you who are getting stuck, or just plain frustrated with Doom 3 here are some cheats. Be sure to check out Futuremarks forums for the complete list of cheats.

Bring the console up with [~] and type the following codes in.

  • aviDemo = Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file

  • benchmark = Game Benchmark

  • doomhell = Skip all levels to last

  • freeze = Freeze all on screen

  • gfxinfo = Graphicscard infomation

  • god = God mode

  • noclip = No Clip

  • notarget = Invisibility to most enemies

  • com_drawfps 1 = Show FPS

  • give all = Full load of weapons and ammo

  • etc...
News source: Futuremark Forums

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the fps will stay up, even when you restart the game

doomhell doesnt work (or i cant get it to work )

the cheats came out around the time or slightly before the game leaked onto the net

great fun running around with the bfg