Download the Windows 8.1 RTM wallpaper here; RTM leak on or before 1 Sep? [Update]

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Yesterday there were some reports of more screenshots of the RTM build of Windows 8.1 originating from China that showed off a new default wallpaper and theme packs, Now a user on Deviantart has recreated the wallpaper from scratch.

To recap, posted some images which the site claimed shows off the new default wallpaper that will be included with Windows 8.1. Another page on allegedly shows some more wallpaper packs that will be a part of the OS along with a new Windows 8.1 theme package and lock screen wallpaper.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce that the RTM build has been completed but we expect the company will send out an official press soon. The build has the version number 9600 and online reports claim it has already been sent to OEMs.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8.1 will be generally available on October 18th and US owners of Windows 8 PCs will be able to download the update for free via the Windows Store on the morning of October 17th. PC makers will also likely launch a number of new desktop, laptop and tablet products with Windows 8.1 installed on October 18th as well.

Another rumour is that the RTM will leak on or before 1 September, this time (again) originating from Russia, but we'll have to wait to see if that actually happens.

Update: Seems Win8China didn't leak it at all, the wallpaper was recreated by Gabrielx86, a Deviantart user. Sorry chaps.

Source: Gabrielx86 on Deviantart via calimike on our forums

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This falls right into my personal definition of gross....not like I care. Every single one of us changes away from the default wallpaper, so this is a stupid thing to waste an opinion on.

just tried it... not the real one, just a photoshopped trace/copy. the lines are all jagged, where as the real one shows the lines being vector-like/smooth.

My eyes! it's clearly part of a conspiracy to drive ordinary users away from the desktop and back to Retro oops Metro. ;-)
Seriously, a less in-your-face desktop background would be a safer default choice - the key word there is "background".

With their new rapid release cycle I fail to see why they still need about 2 months from RTM to GA. Given the type of update it is and the fact it's been 1 year not 3 surely there doesn't need to be that big of a buffer, maybe 2-3 weeks max.

In all fairness it gives OEMs a chance to put 8.1 devices on shelves at around the same time the OS is made generally available to the public.

Neobond said,
In all fairness it gives OEMs a chance to put 8.1 devices on shelves at around the same time the OS is made generally available to the public.

But surely anyone who bought a device a year or less ago isn't going to run off and get another, and it's a free update so anyone who gets a device that happens to have 8 on it can just upgrade. I see what you're saying but really it only makes sense with the previous update model. There's no real reason for that being synchronised anymore that I can think of. Is there any benefit of having the devices on shelves before the update to previous devices?

Why not "Blue"?!
The design is good, but I don't like yellow...
Microsoft (and also, Nokia) blue was the best scheme color for Windows, why did you dump it for Purple and Yellow?! Why?!

Xahid said,
Still Fugly !

The image has great contrasting colors and looks quite nice. Won't be changing my wallpaper anytime soon but it is still nice.