Draw Something app to become a TV game show

Launched last year, Draw Something became one of the biggest mobile games of 2012. The app requires players to draw a picture on their devices, from which a fellow player then guesses a word using a pool of letters displayed on the screen.

Deceptively simple, yet incredibly addictive, the game has had players around the world hooked for months, and now it’s set to make a transition to TV screens.

Game developer Zynga, Ryan Seacrest’s production company, and TV format specialist Embassy Row have joined forces to transform Draw Something from a small-screen mobile app into a full-scale TV game show. VG247 reports that the show will be called ‘Draw It!’ and will launch on Channel 4 in the UK on Friday nights, though with the scale of international collaboration involved, hopes are evidently high that the format will successfully transition to other markets around the world. 

The format will see two teams – each comprised of one celebrity and one contestant – competing against each other in three rounds of drawing against the clock to collect gold coins. The contestant with the most gold coins will go through to the final round, hoping that the two celebrities will correctly identify five sketches within 90 seconds in order for the contestant to win a cash prize. 

Source: VG247

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Isn't it what we have been doing years ago with Pictionary? There were some TV shows along in the middle of that craze too...

I cant believe this game became popular with so many free alternatives around. Charadium is 100 times better and you don't have to pay for colors or w.e. I guess people like paying more.