DreamScene Preview Ultimate Extra available

Microsoft have just released the 'Dreamscene Preview' Ultimate Extra to users of the Ultimate Edition of Windows Vista. Dreamscene, which was revealed at CES 2007, was missing from the lineup of extras at the launch of Vista, as it needed further work. This preview release allows Ultimate Edition users to see what the final technology will be like once the final version is released to the public.

Your desktop background comes to life with Windows DreamScene™. When you download this Ultimate Extra, you can select a video for your desktop background the same way you select a stationary picture. You can choose one of the high-quality looping videos that we've included, or use a video from a company that produces content for DreamScene. You can even use your own video as a background.

To download Dreamscene, click the Windows Update or Ultimate Extras shortcut on your start menu, and click the 'Check for new updates' link.

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well that sux, it doesn't work for dual monitors:
"Windows DreamScene cannot run because the total desktop size exceeds the primary video adapter's maximum texture size."

balupton said,
well that sux, it doesn't work for dual monitors:
"Windows DreamScene cannot run because the total desktop size exceeds the primary video adapter's maximum texture size."

Works fine for dual monitor here. Perhaps a limitation of your video card? Or, that message makes it sound like your resolution is too high for DreamScene? I'm running dual 1920x1200 and it works...

yeah, I guess not alot of video card supports that much of texture size for both screens, since most of the cards have been engineered to support 1 screen with 3d... probably they didn't think we would play games/videos/3d stuffs in dual screen setup (ie: which is what DreamScene is doing)

Anyone running this on the latest Catalyst ATI drivers - and still got high cpu usage?
(Just trying to work out if its ATI's drivers causing the slowdown and hogging...)
P4, 3Ghz cpu here...

Nexx295 said,
It uses 35-40% CPU with my Core2 Duo E6300. It's too much, they need to improve this.

IntelĂ‚® Core 2 Duo Processor E6400 with 1GB RAM and nVIDIA 7600GS, only 2% here usage

I'm not joking. when I start DreamScene, explorer.exe starts using at least 35% up to 60% CPU. Only when it's paused it uses only 5%.

Maybe it's because of the graphics card - GeForce FX 5200

the thing that enables DreamScene is DWM, not explorer. If your explorer is eating up cpu speed that means something's wrong with your configuration.

Mine only eats up 1%-3% and mine is only a P4 with a RADEON 9550!

Anyone else having problems playing the video that comes with this? I tried some WMVs and MPGs that I had on my desktop and they work fine, but the default one (which is the one I actually want to play, as it was my static wallpaper too) doesn't work...

Yup, I can't get the Video provided by Microsoft or the Theme from Stardock to play - get an error message in a baloon popup

question: Does this work if you have dual monitors?

also, how do i get it to start, its grayedout when i right click the desktop

Dont install this one its running at like 68% cpu load. the beta was only 23% load and the Stardock DeskScapes was 23% I guess they are the same?

It's a cool idea, but it really isn't that big of a deal at all.

Why does it have to be an 'Ultimate' extra? I know it's just another stupid incentive, but can't we just all revel in its excellence?

Whatever. I'll just wait for an XP compatible crack.

Helba said,
it really isn't that big of a deal at all.

Exactly. You could do this with X-windows on Unix since the mid 90s.

Oh. My. God.
Why is having a video as your wallpaper such a big thing for Microsoft, can't they just release the full version already. Such a small thing, why is it taking them so long to release it. XD

Well, it doesn't show up here, just checked for updates. Maybe only in the United States??

Edit: Nevermind, after clicking the third time, it came up

The best thing about DreamScene is that it gives you new options for positioning any wallpaper.

Maintain aspect ratio, or Crop to fit screen.

Oooooh new video - yellow and green aurora. My Racoon vid disappeared tho!

Performance still rubbish on latest nVidia drivers.

no cpu going up at all. just tried it. works flawlessly. one more thing MS- give us some usefull wallpapers and we'll be happy

BigCheese said,
What is the difference between this preview verison and the final version?

We dont know but I will tell you the differences between this version and the beta version once I have it installed.