Dropbox Pro now $9.99 a month for 1TB, but Microsoft still offers a better deal

As more of us access our documents, photos and other files on multiple devices - including smartphones, tablets, PCs and even games consoles - demand for centralized online storage is growing. As the market increases, competition has been intensifying among cloud providers, with prices falling and storage capacities increasing. 

The latest company to join in the price reductions is Dropbox, one of the most popular and well-known online storage providers around. Until recently, the company charged $9.99 a month for 100GB, and the largest storage option available was 500GB - half that of some of its biggest rivals. 

Today, Dropbox announced that it is overhauling its paid service, Dropbox Pro, introducing a single flat-rate offering that replaces the various storage tiers that were previously available. Priced at $9.99 a month, Dropbox Pro now includes 1TB of storage - ten times the previous amount at that price. 

Along with the new pricing, new features have been added to Dropbox Pro, including: 

  • Password protection for links that you share 
  • The ability to set an expiration time for shared links 
  • View-only permissions for shared folders 
  • Remote wipe your Dropbox files from a lost/stolen device 

Until today, Dropbox Pro was looking increasingly expensive alongside some of its rivals, who have already adjusted their pricing. Back in March, Google Drive prices fell dramatically across all storage tiers - for example, the cost of 1TB of storage dropped from $49.99 to just $9.99 a month. 

Microsoft followed Google's lead in June, slashing OneDrive storage prices by up to 70%. For $6.99 a month, users can now get 1TB of OneDrive storage and Microsoft Office, as part of an Office 365 Personal subscription, providing an even better deal than Google or Dropbox Pro.

Source and image: Dropbox

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Mediafire is $24.99 for the first year for 1TB of storage with a 1TB/Month bandwidth cap with roll over. So if you don't use up all of your 1TB of bandwidth in a given month, that bandwidth is added to a roll over pool. Dropbox drove me nuts with their very limited 200GB/Month bandwidth cap (only 20GB/Month on free accounts). When you go over they cut you off and send you threatening emails. If you go over with MF and you don't have any rollover, they give you an option to by an extra 1TB for $10 or something like that. You can even set it up to auto charge your card if you go over. MF wins big time.

It's funny how everyone keeps comparing Dropbox to OneDrive/Google Drive, they aren't even the same type of services.

How do you figure they are not? They all offer file syncing apps. They all offer file sharing functionality. They are all priced about the same. They all offer a web interface and all have mobile apps.

How do you define "services" and what constitutes as "same type?" Or are you one of those people who also think ridiculous thoughts like Apple is not competing with Microsoft because Apple is a hardware company and Microsoft is a software company (tututututut...lol, such nonsense).

"Dropbox Pro now $9.99 a month for 1TB, but Microsoft still offers a better deal.."

BitTorrent Sync offers an even better deal - it's free!!! :) Ok, so there's no "cloud storage" component, but to be honest, just buy a cheap NAS drive, put BitTorrent Sync on it and you've got your own - and most importantly: private - "always on" cloud storage solution! :)

I have so much space on OneDrive it's ridiculous. I don't need any files bigger than 2 GB hope they increase the limit to something a little bigger though maybe 3 or 5 is more suitable. Nothing like Ultra HD thats probably better off being stored on youtube.

2 GB file limit means I cannot store many family full HD videos recorded with my camera on even with my phone.

I can't backup even our wedding movie.

It's also slower than hell. We trialed OneDrive for business (Note: It's not the same as "OneDrive", completely different client) and it was so slow. Dropbox could sync 1GB of files in about 20mins, it took OneDrive for business 24hours+.

Actually Office 365 plans are even better than what's mentioned in the article. The Personal can be had for $70 for a year, or even less if you look around. That's less than $6/month for 1 TB plus full Office. For the family, it's even better. 5 users get 1 TB each, plus full Office each, for $100 a year, or less if you look. That's at the most $8.33/month for up to 5 stinking TB's, crazy!

scumdogmillionaire said,
if the onedrive app for desktop would have displayed shared folders, my company would have moved from dropbox when onedrive lowered prices. missed opportunity.

You know it doesn't need to right? Browse the OneDrive folder on your PC and all your synced stuff is there. No file size limit that way either.

it does really, I know a few users who depend on it and I would like it but its not available with onedrive yet.

Let me be clear, what we are speaking of here is folders people have shared with you not syncing down to your desktop, only being available in the web interface or mobile apps.

I want the ability to tell the sync client to sync shared folders or even better to be able to select which folders.

I can see why they don't, as you could have stuff synced and then the owner stops sharing for whatever reason - you still have this stuff.

OneDrive file size limit is 2GB. So even though its cheaper, its not for everyone.

Google Drive @ 100GB for $2/month and unlimited file size still wins, even though I like Dropbox as a complete product better.

episode said,
Google Drive @ 100GB for $2/month and unlimited file size still wins, even though I like Dropbox as a complete product better.
I have a grandfathered yearly plan that had 80GB at 20/year. When Google drive was launched i somehow got aditional free space and am now at 20$/year/100gb. It's barely better than your plan, now but it was a better idea to keep it when 100GB were more than 2$/mo.

Europeans get shafted again we pay €9.99=$13.17 (30% more) for this Dropbox plan.

Microsoft really do the cloud quite well. OneDrive is a joy to use and much better than Google Drive which looks 4 years out of date.

For $6.99 a month, users can now get 1TB of OneDrive storage and Microsoft Office, as part of an Office 365 Personal subscription, providing an even better deal than Google or Dropbox Pro.

hmm, might get that instead of my expired dropbox (i had a great deal with my phone, i think it was free 20GB for 2 years - but it is done)

Or roughly $5.83/mo if you buy it a year in advance. ($69.99/yr).

365 Home however is probably the best deal. $8.33/mo (when buying $99.99/yr), but you get 1TB of storage per user, up to FIVE users.

Meaning you could in theory, have 5TBs of data for less than $10/mo, if you know how to truly utilize what you're getting.

If that 2GB file size limit exists though, I do see how that can be problematic.