Duke Nukem Forever NOT to appear in July PC Gamer. Shocking.

Well, who couldn't see this one coming a mile away?

Hey folks, a confusingly worded quip in the June-issue next-month box made it sound to some that we had a Duke story planned for July, but we don't, nor did we intended for people to think we did. We meant for the lines "Is Duke Nuken Forever finally being released? Hey it could happen" to be received in the same way that a sentence like, "Yeah, and maybe Jimmy Hoffa will have a column in next month's issue" might be. Though we do have a sexy-as-hell exclusive cover story planned for next month's issue of PC Gamer, Duke ain't it. Sorry for the confusion.

Link: PC Gamer Homepage (End Boss on the right side)

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All I want is a game with the Duke3d's weapons and I will be happy.... holoduke+pipebombs+laser trip bomb... man def had the best time playing Duke on the TeN network....

well DNF was announced before TF2 and STALKER, and STALKER came out first and probably followed by TF2 soon, so its only natural for DNF to come out last.

You know the game has been built up so much now that even if it was some HL2 beating amazing extravaganza or something, people would still be disappointed in it.

you reckon? I'd say that in many ways people would have quite low expectations of it. Looking at the post above is enough to indicate that.

Duke was good back in the days but every news which comes out about the game is false. I mean it's been 10 years since they said it be out. Every year some news comes out and nevers ends up being true.

Ah, it'll prob be here in time for DirectX 11. You know. It takes time to rewrite everything to take advantage of the new ultra realistic engine.