Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Tomorrow

Yes, I am completely serious: the long-awaited (and much joked about) Duke Nukem Forever will take another step closer to reality tomorrow, according to 3D Realms' George Broussard. On a forum post, he stated that at a Christmas party last Saturday, several members of the 3D Realms staff prepared a special teaser trailer specially for the event. Well, apparently the team liked it so much that they've decided to release it to the general public tomorrow, at roughly noon CST.

Said, Broussard, "Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, around noon CST, we will release the first teaser trailer from Duke Nukem Forever. Thank you for being fans of the game and for your continued patience." Feeling generous, he also thoughtfully attached a single screen capture from the teaser "to tide [us] over until then."

Of course, as some astute Digg readers have pointed out, this may just turn out to be the most epic rickroll in history.

View: Announcement on 3D Realms Forum
View: Screen Capture

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bah after watching...not too impressed.

few shots of in game...if any. I don't buy into pre-rendered vid and shots...not after waiting so long for this moment.

dang you 3d R

I think the screen shot isn't too bad, could do with some AA and AF, but it doesn't look too bad.
Looks very detailed on the Dukester, easily HL2 quality character model with a D3 shine :cheeky:
Though the sunglasses look a bit stuck on, I still think it looks good

They should give it away as long as they've made everyone wait.

That's a screen capture? There's a workout in the game?