Duke Nukem reaches development milestone

George Broussard, the well known game producer and designer partly responsible for the Duke Nukem series made an interesting tweet this week, reported via ClanBase, regarding the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever.

"Closing out a milestone this week. 71 more tasks to do and we started with probably 800-900. Been a good push. Next one starts Monday."

He followed up with another tweet a few hours later:

"Heading home. Got some music for the game and commented. Have a couple more things to close out tomorrow for milestone. 24 is on!!!"

Having released this information the game would appear to be 93% complete, at least in terms of tasks.

3D Realms however are not listed in this year's E3 exhibition list set to take place in June. This comes as no surprise following comments made by CEO Scott Miller last year, who called the show "irrelevant", but leaves the question unanswered for fans of the series when they will next see footage of the game.

The last time DNF was seen was during the premiere episode of The Jace Hall Show in June 2008, where in-game footage was leaked and reportedly filmed 6 months prior to this. The video featured gameplay by Jason Hall in which he played parts of the single player on a pc at the 3D Realms offices. Broussard later went onto say that the footage included outdated particle and combat effects.

Duke Nukem Forever began development in April 1997 and was supposed to release in mid-1998; however multiple engine changes, budget negotiations, conflicts with Take Two and a very small development team have delayed the game and made it the longest game ever in production to date.

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I don't know one person that thinks this game is ever coming out, and even I suspect it will be extremely sub-par if it does.

> Heading home. Got some music for the game and commented

He commented on some music he got for the game--this, in an article mentioning the game reached a milestone.

Well, at the pace it's going, I suppose that commenting on music could be considered a milestone. Or is did he mean he added comments to some code? Who knows, that could be a milestone too...

To keep things in perspective--this is just another shooter. Why is this even being discussed?

its taken so long with so many articles written about it that we dont even bother putting 'Forever' in the title anymore

93% seems more like 9.3% complete, come on they say it every year that the the game is nearly complete, we get all excited and nothing happens. But again they getting alot of media for this... keep us guessing a

What worries me is that the game won't be fantastic; I'm not saying it won't be, it could be a masterpiece, but if it isn't then there's going to be trouble

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's given up hope, but will gladly play it when and if it ever comes out.

Having released this information the game would appear to be 93% complete, at least in terms of tasks.

so what he's saying is give it 10 more years and it will be released lol