Dutch gamer charged with hacking an MMO in 2007 and 2008

"The internet is serious business", especially if you're trying to mess with services on it that you don't own. A Dutch national has found this out the hard way, having been charged for an attempt at computer crime. Twenty-four year old Anil Kheda was charged for conspiracy to commit computer intrusion and making extortionate interstate threads.

Kheda and some of his friends attacked servers from New Hampshire-based Rampid Interactive, developers of the F2P MMO Outwar. Between November 2007 and August 2008, Kheda and his mates were hitting Rampid's servers and taking the game down for days at a time.

In addition to this, they unbanned users and injected money into their virtual bank accounts. Then they took some code to launch a game called Outcraft. Further confirming that they were rip-off merchants of the highest order, they contacted Rampid to threaten further attacks unless they were paid or given other benefits.

Rampid alleges they lost around $100,000 from the two weeks of outages over a nine month period, as well as about $1.5 million for their source code. Outcraft, the pretender's version of the game, has around 10,000 players. Kheda earned around $10,000 for his crimes as well. With a potential five-year sentence hanging over his head, that money was hardly worthwhile.

Source: Justice.gov

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Unfortunately Stupidity isn't against the law but I do agree with you more fool them for having their source code available on a server that allowed public access

oh and I'd never actually heard of this game until I read this article..... I wonder what the statutes of limitations is on electronic jiggery pokery is 5 years seems a long time to wait before taking someone to court don't ya think

He did all of this because he wanted his account un-banned. This story forgot that part; you know, "the motive".

It's just a sad little game no one cares about. They should have had better security and yet this 'hacker' gets to blame? Did they actually have their source code available on the same servers hosting the game? Shouldn't they be punished for sheer stupidity?

what a d1ck, hope he gets the book thrown at him, regardless of if the game was gash or not, hes a douche and deserves everything he gets as a sentence.

Asrokhel said,
So he hacked a boring useless text- & browser-based game, what overkill with charging him!

Web developers seriously need a security 101 class.