E-mail's future, pumped look

With IBMs launch earlier this month of Lotus Notes 8 and this week's unveiling of Lotus SameTime Version 8, industry analysts say we are beginning to see the evolution of the e-mail client from a communications tool into a coordination channel. And when that happens, IBM may be in the unprecedented position of getting a second chance at knocking off longtime market leader Microsoft Outlook.

Lotus Notes has seen 11 consecutive quarters of growth, with double digit growth in the past five quarters, according to Ed Brill, sales executive for Lotus Notes and Domino. Kevin Kavanaugh, vice president for development for Notes and Domino, says that the latest numbers from IDC indicate Microsoft Outlook has a 50 percent market share while Lotus Notes has 40 percent.

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We use Lotus Notes at work and have done for the 5 years I have been IT lead on site. It was here when I started in Version 4 guise and we are now onto 7. I have to say that I see the benefits in our business.

Lotus Notes is Groupware. Outlook is firstly and foremost an Email client.

I prefer Outlook for Calendar entries and basic email functions. Although, when it comes to sharing data acorss our organisation with easy ACLs et al, Lotus Notes comes into it's own.

Useability has been an issue, but later versions have addressed this positively. The speed of both applications is appauling in it's latest guise.

Simply put - both are moving in the same direction, with Notes, thanks to it's complicated groupware background, possibly having the upper hand in terms of configurability going forward into the communications age, however MS have the branding to compete....should be a nice battle.

Personally, we will probably never change from Notes on site, due to our data exchange needs...... but Outlook for me is the better email client.

I am currently using Notes 6.5 at work, and I can't stand it. What happened to push technology? Replicating every 15 minutes hampers the performance of a few key systems we have. And have you tried rendering HTML emails in it?

I hope LN8 is vastly improved.

Lotus Notes is much more than an e-mail client. It's a cross between a database and e-mail. At my last position, we looked moving to Exchange. The databases we had in Notes would have to have been ported to SQL or some other database program. Notes isn't a relational database, but it allows you to do a lot of things not avaiable to Exchange.

But, on the downside, the user interface is horrible. It always seemed clunky to me. The client will take as much memory as it can from the system. And it used to have horrible interaction with other applications.

I lost interest in anything "Lotus" based after there were purchased and all REAL development on many of their products seemed to go nowhere.

Who has used Lotus SmartSuite? Anyone notice that all the programs in it haven't seemed to be updated past their Windows 3.1 in over 10 years now?

A former employer went with Lotus Approach for all their database stuff. Then Lotus was bought ought, and year after year it barely got any upgrades.

I lost faith in IBM both from them not supporting Lotus fully, and for dropping out of the PC manufacturing business. IBM started the whole PC-compatible revolution. In recent years some of the best systems were NetVista on the Desktop and Thinkpad on the Laptop. Then they go and sell out to the Chinese.

Yuck... the UI is still sub-standard... Lotus in general over history even to the current builds have been not so great..

The new Lotus Notes 8 is actually much better than most people realize. Heck, even Lotus Notes 7 is pretty damn good for what it is. If you use databases to organize things at work then it is great... if you just use it to send out an email from time to time then of course you won't like it because you don't appriciate its full potential.

NateB1 said,

All that needs to be said about Lotus Notes (password entry box ftw! ).

Wow... I read the whole article and the only thing that comes to my mind is that they have some spy/intruder from some other company working with them and intentionally makes the program as unintuitive as possible. I just can't imagine a company releasing a product with so many flaws.

They use Lotus Notes at work I really dont like it at all
I can never find things and when you do find them they are in they are in weird places I just don’t like its design at all