E3 2012: Sony's E3 press event live blog

It's our fourth and final stop on E3 2012 press conference day. We have arrived at the Los Angeles Coliseum in, naturally, Los Angeles to see what Sony will show us at their E3 press event. It will begin at 6 pm Pacific time (9 pm Eastern time). Stay tuned!

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Neowin Live - This event has concluded

00:57 John Callaham Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
00:58 John Callaham People are on stage playing Uncharted, Twisted Metal and a MLB game, among other games, on stage while we wait.
01:01 John Callaham We are starting!
01:02 John Callaham A trailer showing a mix of titles, both first and third party
01:04 John Callaham Still with the game montage
01:05 John Callaham It's over..Jack Tretton of Sony America is on stage
01:06 John Callaham Talking about how E3 announcements are poked and prodded by the media
01:08 John Callaham Tretton gives some attention to new Sony CEO
01:09 John Callaham Quantic Dream's new game is the first PS3 demo
01:09 John Callaham David Cage is on stage
01:10 John Callaham The game is called Beyond
01:10 John Callaham Beyond: Two Souls in fact
01:10 John Callaham Seems to be about death and perhaps the afterlife
01:11 John Callaham The game takes 15 years of a person's life
01:12 John Callaham The actress who will will play the lead character is Ellen Page
01:12 John Callaham Real time demo of Beyond
01:13 John Callaham Very lifelike characters on screen
01:14 John Callaham Uh oh..something's up with the coffee cup
01:15 John Callaham The sherrif is scared
01:15 John Callaham "They're Coming"
01:15 John Callaham They are apparently SWAT members
01:16 John Callaham Trying to find Ellen Page's character
01:17 John Callaham Cut to a montage from svenes from Beyond
01:18 John Callaham It looks really awesome...a supernatural thriller
01:18 John Callaham No word on a release date
01:18 John Callaham Tretton is back..
01:19 John Callaham Talks about the Michael video of 2011
01:20 John Callaham Now we get a demo Playstation All Stars Battle Royale
01:21 John Callaham PS3 and PS Vita Crossplatform play
01:22 John Callaham Demo with two PS3 and two on the PS Vita fighting together
01:22 John Callaham Level is Metropolis from Ratchet and Clank
01:23 John Callaham Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth and Kratos battle each other
01:23 John Callaham Looks like a ton of fun
01:24 John Callaham Hydra from God of War pops up in the level
01:24 John Callaham Fat Princess is doing some damage
01:25 John Callaham Sweet Tooth goes to level 3....turns into a big mech
01:26 John Callaham Time's up for this match
01:26 John Callaham Fat Princess wins!
01:27 John Callaham Two new characters..Drake from Uncharted
01:27 John Callaham And Big Daddy from BioShock!
01:28 John Callaham coming in late 2012
01:28 John Callaham Little Big Planet will let PS Vita control the PS3 game
01:29 John Callaham New story mode, object and more
01:29 John Callaham Playstation Network news..1,500 downloadable titles
01:30 John Callaham Journey is PSN's best selling title of all time
01:30 John Callaham Journey is PSN's best selling title of all time
01:30 John Callaham Over 200 PSN games to be released in the next 12 months
01:31 John Callaham Playstation Plus news now
01:32 John Callaham Adding a bunch of free games..Infamous 2, Little Big planet 2 and Saints Row 2
01:32 John Callaham Everyone in the audience is getting one year's worth of Playstation Plus!
01:32 John Callaham Nice little bribe ...er, present ;)
01:33 John Callaham PS1 classic games will come to Vita this summer
01:33 John Callaham Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy
01:34 John Callaham Now talking about movie and TV offerings
01:34 John Callaham Hulu Plus and Crackle will come to PS Vita soon
01:35 John Callaham Music Unlimted service news
01:35 John Callaham Available for a wide variety of devices
01:36 John Callaham Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is coming to PS Vita this year
01:36 John Callaham Assassin's Creed for PS Vita
01:37 John Callaham A female Assassin
01:38 John Callaham Link to PS3 Assassin's Creed III
01:38 John Callaham PS Vita bundle with the game with a Crystal White PS Vita will be released
01:39 John Callaham Getting another Assassin's Creed III demo
01:39 John Callaham Looks like this demo is going to the ocean
01:39 John Callaham On board a clipper ships
01:40 John Callaham Conner can captain the ship and steer it
01:40 John Callaham Firing cannons
01:42 John Callaham The high seas are impressive looking
01:42 John Callaham Big cannon attack
01:43 John Callaham The weather is getting rough
01:43 John Callaham Now for some close quarters fighting
01:44 John Callaham Assassins Creed III will get a special PS3 bundle with exclusive DLC content
01:45 John Callaham Next is Far Cry 3
01:45 John Callaham Four player co-op announced
01:46 John Callaham Some great looking shooting action
01:48 John Callaham This looks awesome..four player co-op should be a lot of fun
01:49 John Callaham Far Cry 3 will also come with a map editor
01:49 John Callaham PS3 will get a free exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC
01:49 John Callaham Playstation Move news
01:50 John Callaham Over 250 titles available to support it
01:50 John Callaham Andy House is on stage
01:52 John Callaham New product..Wonderbook
01:53 John Callaham It has a physical book augmented by Playstation Eye for more interactive experience
01:54 John Callaham Diggs Nightcrawler is one book
01:54 John Callaham J K Rowling is working on a Wonderbook
01:54 John Callaham Book of Spells
01:55 John Callaham Allows people to cast spells with the Playstation Move
01:57 John Callaham You can discover spells from the Harry Potter universe
01:59 John Callaham It's not entirely clear how this technology will work
02:00 John Callaham We assume we watch on the screen with the Playstation Eye generating these images that seem to come from the book
02:01 John Callaham The controller also looks like a wand.no word if it will be sold
02:04 John Callaham While this Harry Potter connection is interesting, we wonder if it will sell
02:04 John Callaham No release date yet
02:04 John Callaham Coming this holiday apparently
02:05 John Callaham Playstation Suite for Android news
02:05 John Callaham Games should be made available "soon"
02:05 John Callaham Certified phones are coming this year
02:06 John Callaham HTC will be the first non-Sony Playstation phone company
02:07 John Callaham Playstation Suite is now renamed Playstation Mobile
02:07 John Callaham Tretton is back..
02:08 John Callaham God of War Ascension news
02:09 John Callaham Kratos is going to kick some monster butt
02:10 John Callaham Cool combo moves
02:11 John Callaham Ouch..sword in the gullet
02:12 John Callaham Uh oh..big sea monster
02:13 John Callaham Kratos is going on a tentacle ride
02:14 John Callaham He scales some rock faces now
02:15 John Callaham OK.Kratos is fighting an elephant that walks on two legs
02:15 John Callaham That's new
02:16 John Callaham And Kratos just cruched its brain
02:16 John Callaham Pretty cool stuff
02:16 John Callaham March 12, 2013
02:17 John Callaham The place is dark now
02:17 John Callaham But there is something we can hear
02:17 John Callaham The Last of Us
02:18 John Callaham Real gameplay demo rather than a trailer
02:19 John Callaham The two heroes are exploring a devestated city
02:19 John Callaham They are checking out a hotel
02:20 John Callaham There's a constant sense of dread here
02:20 John Callaham Like you could be attacked at any moment
02:20 John Callaham The due find some new humans
02:21 John Callaham The man chokes one of the humans
02:21 John Callaham And then shoots them
02:22 John Callaham Some hand-to-hand combat
02:24 John Callaham Just some brutel battles here
02:24 John Callaham Lots of cheers for this game
02:25 John Callaham No release date yet
02:25 John Callaham That's all..no cloud agreement like the rumors suggested
02:26 John Callaham Tomorrow is the big one; the Nintendo Wii U conference ..we will be there.
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Jose_49 said,
And I call that Super Smash Bros. Ripoff

Hate as much as you want, this idea is a great thing in general, and I've always wanted to see something similar for other platforms.

Anyway where's Crash Bandicoot in this? That would sell a PS3 to me.

Yeah, not sure why that's a bad thing. In fact, I'm surprised it's taken this long for anyone to really do something like this.

Chasethebase said,

Anyway where's Crash Bandicoot in this? That would sell a PS3 to me.

Agreed dude, what the heck? Thats one franchise they should not have let go. Awesome platformer series. Crash was a awesome mascot too.

este said,

Agreed dude, what the heck? Thats one franchise they should not have let go. Awesome platformer series. Crash was a awesome mascot too.

Bring Back Crash!!! Bring Back Crash!!! Bring Back Crash!!! He was awesome and I too want him to come back. Hopefully he'll come back someday.

dogmai79 said,

Bring Back Crash!!! Bring Back Crash!!! Bring Back Crash!!! He was awesome and I too want him to come back. Hopefully he'll come back someday.