E3 2013: Sony's PlayStation 4 press event live blog

It's our fourth stop in our E3 2013 press conference day. We have arrived at the Los Angeles Coliseum in, naturally, Los Angeles to see what Sony will show us at their E3 press event, where they will reveal more on their plans for the PlayStation 4. It will begin at 6 pm Pacific time (9 pm Eastern time). Stay tuned!

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Neowin Live - This event has concluded

01:11 John Callaham Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
01:12 John Callaham As you can tell, Sony is running a little late tonight
01:13 John Callaham However, the Memorial Sports Arena is a lively place with people on stage playing versions of upcoming PS4 games
01:14 John Callaham Hopefully we should start soon-ish
01:15 John Callaham The games that are beng shown are the new Killzone and inFAMOUS games
01:16 John Callaham we are starting
01:16 John Callaham we are starting
01:17 John Callaham Playstation logo animations
01:17 John Callaham Playstation logo animations
01:18 John Callaham people are playing in the Playstation button symbols
01:18 John Callaham Now a montage of Playstation game footage
01:20 John Callaham Jack Tretton is on stage
01:57 John Callaham sorry..Internet problems again
01:57 John Callaham Yes, they showed the PS4
01:57 John Callaham Yes, they showed the PS4
01:58 John Callaham yes they showed what looks like a steampunk action game called The Order
01:59 John Callaham Yes, new footage from Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, InFamous Second Son and Driveclub were shown
01:59 John Callaham Killzone, Driveclub and Knack are all launch titles with InFamous is coming Q1 2014
01:59 John Callaham The Dark Sourcerer is now being shown
02:01 John Callaham This game looks like a 1970s fantasy sword and sourcery movie
02:01 John Callaham But it looks good
02:01 John Callaham Haha..it's all a movie set
02:02 John Callaham not quite sure what to expect but more info will be revealed tomorrow
02:05 John Callaham Now we are getting news on smaller indie titles
02:59 John Callaham sorry very poor Internet connection. I will post my thoughts on the PS4 event Tuesday
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Anyone else notice how they emphasized "disk based games" when talking about their lack of DRM? Anyone else think they're omitting details?

Don't hold out hope. Just watched a video clip of the Sony President talking about that and their concern is that they don't want to shortchange people in areas of the world that don't have or have shoddy internet. Truly looks like it is going to work just like it does with the current gen consoles.

Pupik said,
Where you guys watching the same stuff I was? He just said that PS+ is required for multiplayer.

Can't blame them… XBOX Live is required for multiplayer

myxomatosis said,

Can't blame them… XBOX Live is required for multiplayer

Oh, so the "yay, no restrictions" is only applied to the DRM, which Sony said is going to be available in the system for the developers/publishers to use?

"Sony's game studios chief, Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that."

yeah, and before this e3 announcement, ps guys were going on on how xbox live is a ripoff and how they will never pay to play online or use online features. now all we hear is silence

Microsoft? RIP… and may your retarded DRMs and restrictions follow you in the tomb. I made my choice, it will be a PS4.

And guess who's gonna sell new-gen consoles?

Enron said,
I'm pretty sure you made that choice like 3 months ago based on your comment history.

Wanna know what I have in my living room? A Wii, a PS3… and a Xbox 360.

Do you want to know what is the first console ever I bought on launch day? A Xbox (September 2001)


myxomatosis said,
Wanna know what I have in my living room? A Wii, a PS3… and a XBOX 360.

How about an internet connection?

siah1214 said,
Also very few exclusives. Funny how that works.

I posted the other day, that even though that will be true... simple supply and demand economics will change that if the PS4 starts outselling the XboxOne.

As it stood this morning, while the XboxOne was out outselling the Xbox360 in regards to reserve orders, without any knowledge or look at the PS4, the PS4 was according to resellers only lagging behind by a couple of percentage points.

Considering how badly the Xbox360 outsold the PS3, that in and of itself has to be concerning.

Now, everything that the internet has been crying about in regards to the XboxOne (online requirement, trading, lending, etc) is not a part of the PS4. How do you expect those reserve orders to go now?

And once one console appears to be the winner, do you really expect developers to stay with it when a larger audience is playing the other console? Wasn't that a big problem that Sony had early on when it became readily apparent that the Xbox 360 was winning?

Does anyone get the feeling that Sony is not fully ready for the holiday release? They seem very unsure about a lot of items.

ACTIONpack said,

why is the Xbox one VCR? Just because betamax was made by Sony?

The Betamax was smaller than VHS, so it's apt

vcfan said,
people have been saying xbox one looks like a VCR,where have you been?

if there is a porn app then Xbox one will win then

if you understand what I mean by that.

porn,and sold at walmart means you automatically win. that was according to internet commenters during the bluray vs hd dvd days

They're both boxy but I personally like the looks of the PS4, and little sleeker IMO. Nice looking SFF PC. Not as boring as X1. Haven't seen it horizontal though.

calimike said,
What? what's wrong with Sony for not release of PS4 reveal? Gggrrrr. Xbox One is winning!

sonys got 2 hours. they need a lot of filler material.

vcfan said,

sonys got 2 hours. they need a lot of filler material.

I'm already losing interest.

edit: And as I said it, they revealed the hideous thing.

They just did - it is square like the Xbox One. And many people mocked the Xbox for looking like a VCR.

Edit - now they are talking about TV, TV, TV, music, music, music, their own TV shows. All the things that some people talked about what was "wrong" with Xbox One.

where you guys watching the live feed? the sony one on playstation.com keeps buffering every minute even though ive got a 250mbps line.

yeah the ustream stream sucks. haha. seems to go okay after a few minutes of crap. but then after that it's back to crap and repeated.

seems like its fine now since the presentation started,so its good. and thanks guys for the links,just in case for backup.

What are you talking about? Sony was the first to make a huge announcement press conference back in April or so and since then didn't shut their mouth in the press.

What? They made their announcement in February and haven't said anything of substance since.

If this is like any of their other press conferences however, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything but disappointment.

Lone Wanderer Chicken said,
The PS4 has been kept quiet so long, I have this feeling its going to triumph over everything!

It just did.