E3 2013: We give some humble predictions for this year's expo

E3 2013 doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, but Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Alienware are all holding pre-E3 press conferences on Monday. Thanks to the upcoming launches of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 consoles later this year, this could turn out to be the biggest E3 trade show in the past decade.

Today, we give our humble predictions on what might, and what might not be revealed, during the course of E3. Some of these predictions are pretty obvious ones, but we have thrown in a couple that are a little out of left field.

Prediction #1: Sony will show what the PS4 console will actually look like at its pre-E3 press conference.

Sony failed to show the console itself back in February at the PS4 reveal, but it's a no-brainer that Sony will use E3 to finally show the actual console hardware on stage and in action.

Prediction #2: Neither Sony nor Microsoft will talk about launch prices for the Xbox One and PS4 at E3.

Remember when Sony revealed the price of the two launch versions of the PS3 at E3 2006 at $499 and $599? Remember how that quick revelation was all that anyone could talk about afterwards, and not in a good way? We don't think Microsoft or Sony will take the risk of alienating their gamer audience with talk about prices at E3. They will wait until later this year for that piece of news.

Prediction #3: Microsoft will reveal an Xbox One Halo game at E3

It may not be a launch title for the next console, but we don't think Microsoft will waste E3 2013 without showing off a teaser trailer for the first Xbox One game in the Halo franchise.

Prediction #4: Nintendo will go on the offensive and speak against the used game sales limits for the Xbox One.

Nintendo may not be holding a big press conference at E3 2013 this year but it is holding a Nintendo Direct online event on the first day of E3. We think that Nintendo will use the opportunity to show that Wii U games can still be traded, shared and used by gamers going after Microsoft's restrictions in this area with the Xbox One.

Prediction #5: There will be a lot less booth babes this year at E3.

While some publishers will still have models wearing costumes at their booths this year at E3, we think that this long time trend is on its way out at the trade show, at least on an official basis.

Prediction #6: Nintendo will show the Wii U Zelda game at E3, but it won't impress

Nintendo needs something to boost sales of its 2012 console and we think that Nintendo will show off a demo of a new Zelda Wii U game as part of E3. However, we don't think it will look all that impressive next to the next gen graphics for PS4 and Xbox One games.


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I am, on a positive note, looking very positively on the PS4. Xbox might sell itself short with the
"you can only give a used game to a friend on your friend list and only once for that game" doesn't fly.

Gamestop will be brutally murdered by Microsoft with this DRM plan. Microsoft is so subtly shooting itself in the foot with the used games issue alone.

If you read the actual facts, Gamestop (and other big-box used-game stores) is in no way affected by MS's used game policy. As long as they are hooked up to MS's system, they will report when they buy/sell games.

The only used games sales that are basically killed off, are ebay sales.

Don't worry, I strongly hope there is a major backlash against the Xbox One's policies and hope no one buys it. ALL of my friends who are 360 gamers have all said we are not buying an Xbox One.

That being said, I have a feeling Sony will have similar restrictions. They are just being smart and haven't said anything about what they are doing yet.

Yes, both of these Nintendo predictions seem way off base. Why would Nintendo even bother to make any mention about used games? When was the last time we saw them do anything of a similar vein?

~Johnny said,
Yes, both of these Nintendo predictions seem way off base. Why would Nintendo even bother to make any mention about used games? When was the last time we saw them do anything of a similar vein?

It was explained above. For sales. Nintendo is bleeding and sales went south of the forecast.
This is E3. The biggest gaming event of the year. Nintendo will do whatever it takes to fix this game.

If you think that, you may not really understand Nintendo. There's a reason the phrase, "Because, Nintendo." is a meme in the gamer community. Because Nintendo live in their own universe with their own laws of common sense and logic, and they're not going to bother calling out anything to do with used games. It's of no concern to them - their concern is making great games. Not gaming politics. They really just don't care.

I think those predictions about Nintendo were about as far off base as one can get, we can already share our Wii U game discs to whomever we wish, and we can trade them in to GameStop as well. So no, I don't believe Nintendo would stoop to such a level as to mention that their games can be traded/shared/sold.

On another note, revealing a Zelda game, and it not impressing people? That's a laugh and a half. People don't play Zelda games because of their graphics either way.

MS does a big time back pedal on used games, and mandatory Internet check in, and Mr Peek-a-Boo (Kinect)

Then MS stuns the world by announcing that STEAM works on Xbox-1....

Then I woke up and reality set in....

Will believe that one when I see it, heard this line a few times now. I wouldn't mind being wrong and would be happy to see it released, but it's gone so long it's getting to the point where I just don't care about the series anymore. It goes another year and it'll be extremely unlikely I buy it if it ever does see the light of day.

watchthisspace said,
Don't forget Half Life 3 will be unveiled.

i am a half life die hard fan....and valve only made me hopeless... Half life was the best thing that came to.

A Zelda reveal failing at E3? This is pure blasphemy. Remember, we have not one but -two- Zelda Wii U titles that should be revealed at E3 - Wind Waker HD Redux and Zelda 2014. Personally, I don't suspect either will disappoint.

I think Nintendo have a good chance to wow the audience even if the graphics aren't on-par with the best-looking PS4/X1 titles. You have to bear in mind, games like Uncharted 3 and Halo 4 were made on consoles that are on a similar hardware parity to the Wii U, and those games look fantastic.

The Teej said,
we have not one but -two- Zelda Wii U titles that should be revealed at E3 - Wind Waker HD Redux and Zelda 2014

It's the remakes that have been turning me off personally, same with the original Wii. Bought the Wii for my daughter, but as I've played Zelda since the original, I was sorely disappointed to see the first Zelda title released was one that I've already played on an older console. Doing it again with Wind Waker... I've no plans to buy a Wii-U but if that "Zelda 2014" is decent I may eventually get one, maybe. The series is one of the defining Nintendo titles, they need to really step it up.

The first Wii Zelda game came out on launch? Not only was it not a remake, the Wii version actually came out before the Gamecube version in most territories.

And the second Zelda game was certainly no remake either. (And Link's Crossbrow training is not a Zelda game, though neither is that a remake of anything ). As far as I'm aware there were no Zelda remakes on the Wii.

Technically speaking, WW HD is only the second remake to ever grace the Zelda franchise - with the first being Ocarina of Time 3D. Most Zelda games have been ported or put on the VC at least once, but WW is only the second to get the HD treatment.

Neowin's rumors have mostly failed these few past events...These article are made to simply get hits for the site.

mwc said,
Neowin's rumors have mostly failed these few past events...These article are made to simply get hits for the site.


mwc said,


Although you guys removed a article stating all the Google I/O 2013 rumors, you left some breadcrumbs for example:


No Nexus 11 leaked nor even announced.

There is enough evidence to back this up.

From the article, and as pointed out.. reposted from another source:

As always, this is just an unconfirmed rumor surrounding Google's Nexus plans, but with Google I/O just around the corner, we'll soon know of what Google has in store for the market.

You'll have to do better than that