E3: Sony conference roundup

The last of the three main conferences ended today with Sony taking up the last slot of the Big 3. Here at Neowin we blogged all three of the main events as they unfolded and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of gaming news as it starts to expand.
We have gathered our thoughts of today's Sony conference with a general run through with the games, software and hardware that were shown.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Game play Footage

David Corris (Corris): Uncharted 2 was a good opening, as someone who loved the first game and can't wait for the second, I really loved how this one is playing out.
The graphics were pretty impressive, and it seemingly had some immense draw distance going on at the showing and the game is continuing the same film like quality in its story telling.
Can't wait for this one, and I can't wait to jump into the beta later tonight.

Live Game play

David Corris (Corris): It was nice to finally see MAG in action, they had been throwing around the "256 players" a lot since it was announced, and I have been a bit weary of pulling it off without it looking horrific or running as fast as a turtle, but they did what they said they would and showed off a full 256 player game.
It looked pretty good, the map looked huge, and it will be nice forcing people into squads to play properly, though the lack of a microphone with every Playstation 3 will hold proper team work back.

Official Unveiling

David Corris (Corris): As Jack Tretton said, the PSP Go was one of the worst kept secrets for this years E3.
Was it impressive? not at all really, but it was nice to see them going somewhere with it, even if it was forcing it to be a digital only device.
Though keeping them both in the market might confuse some customers, but I think we all would have preferred a PSP2.
The price point of $250 is far too much, it should be getting cheaper not more expensive.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): The concept is good. The look and price though is nothing short of ugly. 250 dollars for this? Definitely not really worth it yet. My guess is the reason for the huge price tag is because of the built in flash memory.

PSP updates
Media Manager, SenseMe & Native Video Downloads

David Corris (Corris): What to say about these extra services, its nice to see they are putting more effort into their software packages, but it has never really been where Sony's strength lies.
Native Video support for the PSP however will be wanted by some who might want to download a quick film to watch before they go on a journey.

Gran Turismo for PSP
Game Trailer

David Corris (Corris): Gran Turismo for the PSP was shown many years ago, and it has finally reared its face again, and for a racing series that has always prided itself on its graphic quality, it looks pretty good on the PSP from what was shown.
Those who love the racer and own a PSP will no doubt want to get their hands on this for some portable driving action.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): This is exactly what I wanted and Sony did not disappoint. The game looked amazing and with 800 cars including NASCAR and the WRC license the good couldn't get much better. Not only that, it looks like a PS2 game. This is definitely going to be Sony's marquee game for their handheld.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for PSP
Game Trailer

David Corris (Corris): I thought it was interesting how much emphasis Kojima was putting on Peace Walker being a true sequel to the Metal Gear Solid series so far.
It looked nice, better than the PS1 metal gears, but doesn't have quite the shine or textures of the PS2, but that is to be expected, I look forward to its release, i can't resist a good Metal Gear game.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): The true sequel to Metal Gear 3? And Kojima is producing the game? This is going to be great. The trailer looked awesome and the multiplayer concept of the game seems pretty cool as well.

Resident Evil for PSP
Exclusive Announcement

David Corris (Corris): I think this was possibly rumoured to be coming a good while ago, but now that Capcom are actually getting around to making a brand new game for the PSP I hope it turns out to be a hit, maybe it might take the game back to its more horror and less action origins.

Final Fantasy 7
50 other classic PS1 games heading to PSN

David Corris (Corris): Final Fantasy 7 for the Playstation had already hit the Playstation Store in Japan, but now it is finally coming out in other countries, I for one am happy for it, I have had to replace my Final Fantasy 7 on numerous occasions due to losing or scratching a disk.
Its also nice to see Sony pushing for more Classic PS1 games to appear on the store, but we all really wanted some sort of PS2 store to go live.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): This is definitely good news, now all we need is a remake of the game.

6.5 million users worldwide
100 virtual items come to Home each month
Infamous, Buzz and Socom coming to Home and more developer support.

David Corris (Corris): Sony have continued to support Home and are trying to keep it relevant as possible, it definitely seems to have a fanbase that is growing as they keep it updated with as much content as they can.
And seeing how they are getting more spaces out there for users to run around in, I can only hope the content is coming to keep them entertained as well, though the poker game seems to be really quite popular.

Exclusive from Rockstar

David Corris (Corris): Barely anything was said or shown about "Agent" from Rockstar besides that it will be based during the 1970's and that you will be going around the world, who knows what that measn when it comes to game play, but I will be looking forward to it either way.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): I would be excited if I knew what to be excited for? No real info shown, but it's from Rockstar so it should be good.

Assasins Creed
Live Gameplay

David Corris (Corris): From what was shown the game is looking really good, I enjoyed the first even though certain game play aspects were rather limiting at times, graphically it looks damn good, and being able to swim is great seeing as in the first when you hit water you drowned.
With the added ability of flight, which hopefully wont be one of these silly things developers only shove in for one mission, the game looks to be a hit, and if the bugs and annoyances from the first have been worked out, then it should be a really polished game.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): Never really was a fan of the first (doing the same thing over and over can only be so much fun), but this one looks promising. Graphically the game is stunning.

Final Fantasy 13 & Final Fantasy 14 Online
FF14 Exclusive announcement

David Corris (Corris): Nice to see Final Fantasy return to a Sony conference, after last year they hadn't said much, but with a new trailer for Final Fantasy 13, and the announcement that Final Fantasy 14 Online will be coming, I can only look forward to both games.
Though I rarely touch a MMO, this might be the one to change my mind if done right.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): More Final Fantasy! Can never be a bad thing. The new MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 looks pretty cool. Maybe this will be the first MMORPG I'll actually play?

Playstation 3 Motion Controller
On Stage Demo

David Corris (Corris): What was shown for the Playstation 3 Motion Controller wasn't too bad of a showing. From the looks of it, it has a more advanced way of tracking a users gestures than Nintendos Wii Controllers, but is still something you hold in your hand which Microsoft seem are trying to progress from, and it looked a bit odd to say the least but it was a prototype.
I look forward to seeing what they do with it, maybe that Lightsabre game can show up on the Ps3.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): I thought it looked really cool. It's kind of like a combination of Microsoft's Natal Project and the Nintendo Wii. It looks really cool and we should see some cool stuff.

Mod Nation Racers
On Stage Demo & Create Tools

David Corris (Corris): This I thought looked really really cool. Mod Nation Racers seems to be trying to achieve what Little Big Planet did, giving you an experience you already know and have played, say that of Mario Kart, and putting not only a twist on it, but giving you customization not only over your character, but your car and even the levels.
This really does look like it is going to be the LBP of racers, and I am looking forward to how ir progresses.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): This game looks awesome. The customizations options and weapons seem really cool. This seems like a really fun game, especially with friends. The game also looks really nice. Being able to make your own tracks is pretty cool too, a lot of options their as well.

The Last Guardian (Ico 3)
Game Trailer

David Corris (Corris): Seeing The Last Guardian (Trico or ICO 3) as probably the highlight of the whole conference for me so far.
We might have seen what was shown already, but seeing it now and knowing that it is indeed coming, and how awesome it looks, it makes me want to run around proclaiming my love.
SotC was one of my favourite games from the last generation of consoles, and ICO was pretty damn good too, this looks like it might surpass both, I can not wait to see more.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): Haven't played any of the previous games but this should be good. The last two titles from these guys are some of the highest ever rated for any Playstation console. The trailer is nothing new, as it was leaked some time ago but this time the graphics are a lot more polished. That flying dog thingie looked amazing. The overall look and feel of the game seems incredible as well. This game is like a piece of art.

Gran Turismo 5
Game Trailer

David Corris (Corris): As is expected, from what we saw, the game looks beautiful.
I can't say much else, we have already had a taste of GT5 with Prologue, but no other details came out fo the Sony Press Conference as to when we would be able to get our hands on GT5 or anything extra at all, hopefully more new will come in time.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): The king of racers make another appearance. This game has jaw dropping graphics. If you watch the trailer in High Definition you can barely tell at some points that it's a video game. I cannot wait for this, the best reason to by a PS3 should be arriving soon.

God of War 3
Live Gameplay

David Corris (Corris): Now God of War 3 looked awesome! I haven't played the first two games myself, but that is something I will have to get round to myself before this comes out so I can follow the story properly.
Graphics wise the game looked really good, it had quite a bit going on, and was smooth as silk. hopefully between now and March 2010 when it is to be released we can get even more info on this most wanted game.

Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior): Also looks amazing. Ripping people and monsters apart never looked so pretty. I was addicted to the PSP's iteration so this one should be amazing as well. Can't wait!

I would like to thank everyone who joined us online during our E3 Live Blogging, and to keep watching for more news as it brakes from E3 09.

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Did anyone see the accuracy with that motion thing! The way he was able to go under its chin and it was precision perfect, I thought that was extremely impressive!

Pretty much more of the same from Sony then? Sony looks like they are following Nintendo in the motion control field, where Microsoft are really pusshing the boundaries of interactive video gaming!

As a Nintendo fan, I have to say Sony have shown more, but Microsoft has pipped them both so far.

Yup, nothing new here. The same old games following the same tired formula. Oh and an idea that Nintendo has long since implemented. Sony should look up innovate in the dictionary and try again next year.

I watched it all live and it was awesome ...
Uncharted 2
Gran Turismo PSP
Assassin's Creed 2
Final Fantasy 13 & FF14 Online
The Last Guardian
Mod Nation Racers
The Last Guardian
God of War 3

all so awesome games ... Sony blew everyone else away

I was thinking about adding a xbox to my collection of wii, PS3, PSP and DS but now I think I'll just stick to what I have got. I have a PC for gaming so 99% of xbox 360 exclusives are on the PC too so I'll not miss out. Not much of the xbox exclusive games excite me, but the upcoming Ps3 games do.

the psp saved their conference. I know it was already "announced" earlier and most people are QQ about it. Like it or not there are going to be alot of people who will like it and honestly without the PSP Go, the whole event would have been a bust. and that motion control demo was obviously rushed in at the last minute, they were so nervous and unprepared.

I was quite impressed with Sony for stepping up and showing something new. I like to see some clashing of swords, it forces progression. Which is what the Wii did to both Sony and MS. I was quite impressed by the motion control, it was very accurate and the glow ball is somewhat like the equipment used for motion detection in animation. Project Natal is impressive on its own, and so is the Motion Control. Either way, tons of cool games and gadgets announced :), which is what E3 is all about. Exciting year ahead.

Destroyed Microsoft's conference...really? Did you watch both conferences? The Sony rep demoing the motion control had problems the entire time. Coming from someone that owns all three systems, you sound like a Sony fanboy. I think Nintendo came in the weakest, Microsoft the strongest, and Sony in a close second.

I just hope gt5 can save it, bc Sony is in pretty bad shape now. That's dildo motion sensor is desperate compare to the wii's and natal. I also hope WRC actually licensed their engine to GT5 bc it's predecessor's rally is horrible.