EA Accepting Madden PSP Exchanges

Problems in the franchise mode for EA's PSP version of Madden 2006 on some copies have prompted the games giant to accept exchanges of the problematic discs, according to GameSpot.

Upon its release in September, many diehard football fans who purchased the game for Sony's handheld powerhouse complained that the franchise mode caused their systems to randomly power down.  To fix the issue, EA offered a "workaround" that forced the user to navigate through the game's menus in a roundabout way this past October.  Now, months after the fact, EA is finally accepting exchanges of the bugged copies for new ones.

EA will also give the customer a $15 off coupon for its online store and complementary free shipping on a future purchase.  See the GameSpot article for information on receiving your replacement copy if you have one of the copies in question.

News source: GameSpot

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