EA not ending support for older Battlefield games following GameSpy server shutdown

EA has a history of shutting down support for older games too quickly, and was sued for it last August. EA has noticed that since the release of their newest Battlefield iteration, that fans still enjoy the older games, such as Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. It is reported that they're transitioning the servers for three of the older games, that includes: Battlefield 2142, 2, and acclaimed Bad Company 2.

In the wake of GameSpy shutting their servers down, all is not lost with these beloved titles. EA is finally showing some love to their fanbase after the debacle that was the Battlefield 4 launch, which was plagued with software and server issues. EA has confirmed that they are "working on finding a transition, but still have technical hurdles to overcome. We will make an announcement when there is news to share."

Even though Battlefield 1942, and other titles are not likely to be supported after the closure of GameSpy's servers, the decision to keep the online portions of these games alive will prove to be a step toward a better future with EA, improved public response for future titles, and perhaps even longer support for newer releases such as Battlefield 4, and multi-award winning TitanFall.

Source: Twitter via Engadget | Image via EA

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Raa said,
Well I still enjoy a game of Battlefield 2 now and then, so that's good news.

I'd always hoped that Dragon Valley would get re-imagined for BF3 or BF4. It was my all time favourite map and I pretty much used to always play BF2, on that map. Ahh those were the days.

Seriously. If EA is at all serious about improving its reputation among gamers, then this is a step in the right direction

_Alexander said,
What about the good old days when anyone could host their own?

I thought you could still do that(download a server and host it), it's just that services such as G-Portal.de are cheaper and scale better. Is it not the case?

_Alexander said,
What about the good old days when anyone could host their own?

The problem isn't hosting your own server - you can do that easily with the older BF games (Not sure about the newer ones but I think you can). The problem is the matchmaking service, the thing you poll to get a list of all the other servers and who's playing on them. That's what's shutting down.

You still need the master servers that all the other servers "phone into" for things like server browser to work.

You could always connect via ip, but not being able to see what servers are active with players would be a pain in the ass.

Battlelfield 1942 and Vietnam were really the best and the mods that came out for them. When BF2 came out it required ranked servers and made players depend too much on ranks and stats vs teamplay and team work. To this day I will not buy another EA Game due to how they ruined Battle field after taking it fully over as publisher.

After the monstrosity of SimCity and BF4, this would go a long way towards shoring up their damaged reputation.

Also, an awesome Battlefront game wouldn't hurt either :)

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