EA Sports reveals Lionel Messi for 'FIFA 15' cover

It was a grueling 32 days, but FIFA crowned its new champion, Germany, in the conclusion of the World Cup tournament this week. Although Argentina lost, it looks like its captain will be featured on the cover of the upcoming game "FIFA 15." Lionel Messi will make his fourth appearance on the cover of a FIFA title, with his previous appearances including "FIFA Street," "FIFA 13," and "FIFA 14."

"FIFA 15" will feature over 600 new emotional reactions that will give players distinct responses in regards to what is occurring in the game. Players will have memories and react to in-game events as they would in real life. This will also apply to player interactions, creating realistic rivalries much like in real life. This emotional intelligence will bring feeling to the game and offer a more realistic experience that is crucial to the game of soccer.

The game will also have support for dynamic match presentation, team tactics, a living pitch, and more.

"FIFA 15" will arrive in stores on Sept. 23 in North America, Sept. 25 in Europe, and Sept. 26 in the U.K. "FIFA 15" will be released for next generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Source: EA Sports | Images via EA Sports

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Astra.Xtreme said,
A bunch of beefcakes re-enacting the kamasutra on each other isn't as cool as it used to be.

OH BOY!!! You had me howling with that one.. haha .... superb

freak180 said,
how when its soo booorrring. Bunch of people kicking a ball.. WOW

Right...because american football is soooo entertaining. Plain old rugby, brainless people pushing each other around.

freak180 said,
how when its soo booorrring. Bunch of people kicking a ball.. WOW

most sports are that way. Baseball is a guy hitting a stick with a bat while everybody eats because it is so boring. Basketball is a bunch of tall dudes chasing after a ball trying to make the occasional dunk even though he is so tall it isn't even a challenge. Hockey is a bunch of street brawlers on blades playing a game of push with a puck so small you have to squint to see it. Football (handball for the rest of the world) is a bunch of oversized dudes touching each other chasing an egg to the other side of a court without any other purpose.

yeah sports are boring. games about sports are even more boring.

Kudos to EA to get Messi on the cover so quickly after the announcement of FIFA's Golden Ball, you would be forgiven into thinking they knew in advance.

Im gonna mirror comments above, why is this on the front page?

We have NEVER had a front page article stating the cover for NBA, NFL, etc.....

And no, this is not technoloy related at all.

I am asumming EA Games paid for this ad?

Also, I expect the same thing when Konami reveals their cover...

Fifa 14 had a next gen engine for consoles but used the old engine for their pc port, i wonder if they will use the next gen engine for the pc version this time.

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