EA Takes on Wii Sports

Electronic Arts has lifted the lid on another of its many in-development Wii games, EA Playground (yes, EA is actually in the title); a collection of c-razy mini-games utilising the motion-sensing powers of the Wii Remote. The Wii version of Playground will sport a roster of frantic remote-waving mini-games such as dodge ball, RC car racing and garden classic swing ball. There's also a version of Playground pencilled in for DS, with games such as bug hunt and spit balls taking advantage of the DS's stylus and microphone inputs.

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Meh... EA :ermm:

Probably the worse game publisher out there. I avoid their games as much as I possibly can as they are so god awful. I think NFSU2 was the straw that broke the camels back for me. That game was so terrible and on top of that had product placement.

Purple Haze said,
I think I'll wait for "EA Unpaid Overtime."

unpaid overtime? huh? If you are a full time salaried employee you arnt supose to get overtime... you get paid a fixed wadge for any amount of work performed

Who wants to go the the EA Playground?

I can imagine the kids all moving around in slow motion, until they all start running for their lives when it gets bulldozed to make way for new games.