Earin: A minimalists wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Sometimes you can find some of the most ridiculous things on Kickstarter, while other times you happen to stumble upon something that is so unique, that it probably hasn't been previously created.

While Earin isn't the first wireless stereo Bluetooth earbuds to grace the site, it is a unique product that is designed to embody the most minimalist approach in creating a set of wireless earbuds. Finding inspiration from the Ryan Reynold's film, Definitely Maybe, the creators of Earin have crafted an earbud set that focuses on one thing, delivering the best possible acoustic experience in the simplest package. 

The Earin earbuds use balance armature speakers that give you the best balance of superb sound and energy efficiency. The Earin is stored in a special capsule that will charge the units when not in use. The earbuds should last between 2.5 to 3 hours on a single charge. 

The Earin project has already met its goal of £179,000, but still has 34 days to go until it has completed its funding. If you want to get yourself a pair of unique minimalist earbuds, you can currently back the project for £​119. The Earin's are expected to ship in January of 2015. 

Souce: KickstarterImage via Earin
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AWESOME!! I have been waiting for something like this for SO long. Never sent money to a kickstarter project before. I'm hoping this actually sees the light of day sooner rather than later!!!

Seems like these would very very easy to loose. If one falls out of your ear on a bus or an airplane it could be a night mare to find.

Why not create some kind of bluetooth adapter that you can plug any headphones into. There is still the cable, but you're not tied to your device.

Timi Cantisano said,
they do make these. but in the end you have cables and you have to clip that BT adapter somwhere.

yea it maybe is a little pointless. I guess the true next step is ear inplants

Interesting to see what the audio quality is going to be like, unless they've managed to pack Bluetooth 4 in there with APTX it's going to be pretty horrible, then you've got the problem of phones that support (or lack support) for APTX.

Kudos for them getting them down to that size, but I can't help feel they could have been a tad bigger allowing for a larger battery. It's kinda like the whole "worlds smallest USB Bluetooth dongle" yeah that's great, but it still takes up a USB port. There comes a point where going smaller with current design is fairly pointless as it improves nothing.

Hopefully their work leads to something though!

Not sure if it's specifically a 920, but it's probably a Lumia. Around the 0:35sec mark he said they were designed by engineers with a background at Sony-Ericson and Nokia.

that battery life sucks imho.

Also I don't like earbuds, they always tend to come loose and I would always be afraid of loosing these. I'll continue using my sennheiser over ears I guess ;)

Not that great of a battery life and I prefer to people to see why I'm ignoring them, when I can't hear them. Can barely see them even from the front.

este said,
Agreed. But no wire means no microphone attached to it for phone calls.

I also agree. But with these, now when they fall out of my ears after 1 minute of listening I wont be able to find them ;).