Early Halo 3 Limited Edition Owners Receive Scratched Discs

Unofficial reports from lucky early owners of the Halo 3 Limited Edition found that unlike the regular Xbox 360 green game boxes, the Halo 3 Limited Edition ships in a black tin box with center hubs too shallow to adequately hold the DVDs in place. As a result, consumers may find discs that have been freely floating around inside the box that have been scratched up by the very hub that was supposed to keep it in place. Whether the game is playable quickly becomes irrelevant because the stock simply cannot be sold in such conditions.

Although Halo 3 has yet to launch to the public, forum participants who work at game stores have chimed in with their own experience after examining (by shaking and listening for loose discs) their inventory. The game store owners were not limited to one territory, meaning all Limited Edition discs could suffer the high chance of being scratched before use. So far, reports of scratched discs apply only to the $69.99 Limited Edition, but not to the $59.99 Standard Edition or the $129.99 Legendary Edition.

News source: DailyTech

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We bought two pre-ordered Limited Edition Halo 3 boxes. Did not know beforehand that some were scratched. When we got home and opened the disks, one was VERY scratched up. I called GameStop and even though they were literally heading out the door to go home, they said they'd received an email yesterday warning that some of the games were scratched. They said I could return it when they opened in the morning. I was so disappointed because we had planned an all-nighter Halo 2 party, and this was a killer for that plan. They agreed to wait since I lived only a few minutes from the store. They met me at the door with a fresh disk to trade out from the regular edition and had me keep all of the other Limited Edition stuff. They gave me a standard paper sleeve to bring it home in. I was so grateful they were willing to wait for me. It made our night. Thanks C'ville Gamestop! So far, all of the comments have been very positive.

I worked the launch at Future Shop in Calgary, AB and we were alerted by the stores down east that this issue was occurring and to check the disks before we sold them.

So basically; a customer walked up to the counter with a Limited Edition copy, we opened it up and if the disk was scratched we swapped it for a regular game disk (Cause they are the exact same) and then just gave them their Limited Edition copy back. All the scratched copies are being written up as defective

Some of the "Essentials" disks were scratched too so that made everything EXTREMELY FUN!

i just got mine and in fact it is true both of the disc's that were in my game were scratched to high heavens however they both do play. then again i have only played about an hour into the game i cannot say that it will not have an issue at a later time

I did not pre-order, as I do not believe in it. I have my receipt marked at 12:11 am as the time of my checkout, and we arrived at the store aprox 20-25 mins before to a line of about 10 people. My LE disks were securely held in place by the hubs when the box was opened. The sky is not falling (though I do hear many rumors of Sony, or Sony fanbois, spreading FUD). ;)

BTW, it was fun to ride through the parking lot of the gamestore down the street from where I purchased that stresses pre-orders to see people standing out the door and along the sidewalk, and put my case up against the car window for them to view as we drove slowly past. Yes, I'm very evil. I was home playing before they got into the store.

Oh yeah.. the game absolutely is *all that*, and way.. way more. Truly gorgeous. :)

And really.. you should read some of the comments on the article linked.. if that's not Sony fanboi then I don't know what is.

Same thing happen when halo 2 came out. Luckly I worked at gamestop and was able to choose another one after opening mine back then.

seems like an overreaction to me, bet few people have this problem, the game prob still works and they can request a replacement from ms if they really have too

Sod this, I just put in a cancel request for my LE edition and going to preorder the standard one. Its probably a bit reactionatly of me but I have such little faith in MS quality control I'll stick by it

The Legendary Edition comes in a black box with the Halo logo on the side. D: Looks okay but pretty cheap and tacky. Legendary is a ****ing rip off. It's funny asking the Halo 3 nerds if they want to pre order a copy. Easy sell. Such tools. It's just a game people! The helmet will NOT look cool placed on your shelf.

Damn, I was planning on getting the Limited Edition too. Might see if I can examine the disks before I buy it, cause I won't be too happy at handing over my hard earnt cash for this awesome game, just to find out I can't play it cause it's too scratched up...

No, but the box is bigger :P The extra cost is mostly for the replica Spartan helmet (plus the few extras it gets over the Limited edition).

even though i'm sure it won't be as huge of a problem as people are making it out to be, i'm glad i went the cheapskate way and pre-ordered the standard edition.

Objexxx said,
even though i'm sure it won't be as huge of a problem as people are making it out to be, i'm glad i went the cheapskate way and pre-ordered the standard edition. ;)

Haha me too

plasmo said,

He had no knowledge that this would happen so how's he deserve it?

If he had prior knowledge this may be a problem and still ordered it, then yeah you could say that. But obviously he and everyone else didn't know about this.


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