Eclipse Galileo 2009

Galileo, the 2009 release train, is the largest ever release from the Eclipse community, comprising 33 projects and over 24 million lines of code. Over 380 committers from 44 different organizations participated to make this release possible.

The new features in the Galileo release reflect three important trends in the Eclipse community: 1) Expanding adoption of Eclipse in the enterprise, 2) innovation of Eclipse modeling technology and 3) advancement of EclipseRT runtime technology. Each project has published "new and noteworthy" documentation for their specific release.

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Thanks for the remark, I should have given a summary of what is Eclipse. Basically it's a generic, extensible, cross-platform development platform, with a focus on Java development tools. There are loads of excellent plugins of all kinds for it, including UML, version control, C++ and Python development, VxWorks and what have you.

:No-Frost: said,
Ok... I have a doubt... What is Eclipse Galileo xD????

As far as Iknow at least mmm it's a developing tool???

Yes. Basically for java, but with plugins you can make of it an IDE of whatever you want... (PHP, HTML, JAVA, Python, etc...) an example is Aptana Studio

no new nicer and more comfortable interface? and no improvements in editor and autocomplete technologies?