Egypt's state prosecutor orders ban on Internet pornography

In a move that will sadden many young Egyptian males, the country's state prosecutor has ordered a ban on Internet pornography. Abdel Meguid Mahmud, the state prosecutor, directed his order towards the ministries of information, telecommunications, and interior to “take steps to block any pornographic pictures or scenes on the internet.” The main reason behind the ban is that pornography “ruins moral values.“

What’s interesting is that this is not the first time such a ban has been imposed in Egypt. In 2009, well before the Arab Spring, an administrative court issued a similar order with the same reasoning behind it. However Egypt, unlike other countries in the region, has not implemented this order, hence the second one now. And let's not forget about a similar proposal that was introduced in the Egyptian Parliament earlier this year.

It will be interesting to see if the new government of Egypt along with the new president, Mohamed Morsi, will actually implement it this time or if they will ignore it again. Will they see it as an affront to values that has to be stopped or as by-product of the freedom of speech and democratic values they claim to adhere to?

Via: Source: AFP

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Egypt's doing great keep it up . No Porn . just look at country its a mess 12 year old already having sex and tee rape and having sex at early age. what a 12 or 13 year old know about sex or have a family at young age ? anyway who care what another people Opinion i have my own and i like they way Egypt's is doing taking care futures generation out of porn.

if you look at it from broader perspective it is a step to sensor and control freedom of speech.. nothing to do with morality.. we have casinos/cabarets/pubs etc.. in Egypt open 24/7 they never attempted to close those .. same is happening across the globe but under different pretenses depending on the cultures .. all about control.. govts are afraid of the ppl

EJocys said,
I they are so concerned that it “ruins moral values", then they should ban religion first.

lol silly

No government is ready to take an initiative to at-least reduce the porn effect on younger generation by controlling it to some degree. This is because Porn Industry is a multimillion dollar industry (business dudes business).

I think their government is just testing and implementing a system, for filtering the internet.

ahhell said,
Well, Egypt continues it's sink into crazy land. Sad. I've always wanted to visit there, too.

Yeah, their "democracy movement" (lol) killed that for me.

Gaara sama said,
Egypt's state prosecutor orders ban on Internet pornography!!!!

I Hate Porn usa should fallow Egypt example .


"I hate this harmless something, so you should be banned from enjoying it, even though you would like to use it."

AtriusNY said,
If you don't like pornography, don't watch it.

It's not about that. I think some site have 18+ ads that leads to sites like that...
People doesn't have to remember any URLs what so ever.