Ellen's Oscar Twitter post had over 32 million views, was seen by 8.1 million people

A selfie picture of a number of well known movie actors during Sunday night's Oscar telecast that was posted on Ellen DeDeneres's Twitter feed continues to break records for the social networking service. The post has been retweeted over 3.2 million times in less than three days.

Today, Twitter revealed some other numbers surrounding the "Oscar selfie" tweet. In a blog post, the company said that on Monday morning, when the post "only" had 2.4 million retweets, it had already been viewed by 8.1 million people, and generated 32.8 million page views. The tweet had also been embedded in 13,711 web pages. Obviously all those numbers are likely to be even higher today.

Twitter also said that from Sunday to Monday there were 19.1 million tweets on their network specifically about the Oscars that were sent by 5.1 million people and viewed by 37 million users. The grand total of impressions for Oscar-related tweets was a whopping 3.3 billion in that time period.

The actual picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and while some people and companies, like Nokia, felt the images from the smartphone were too blurry, Samsung doesn't seem to mind. In fact, CNBC reports that the company will be donating $3 million to two charities that DeGeneres supports: St. Jude's and the Humane Society.

Source: Twitter | Image via Twitter

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So,what i get out of this, is that 32.8M users didn't give an actual #### and just passed by...! (or maybe 24.7M, if the 8.1M are counted inside the 32.8M or quite a few million people didn't give a shite!)

I can't think of anyone or anything that I would want to follow. Also, we live in a such a PC world that anything said that is controversial is quickly retracted for the ever popular "it wasn't me, my account was hacked" statement.

ESPN has a nasty habit of linking to a twitter post under the guise of being a news article.

I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe the "views" are the counts of the times its shown up on peoples timelines, whereas "seen" are the counts of how many times its been "in visible view" of the user.

Tweets can come in a flurry. I've missed a few hundred thousand tweets in my timeline easy.

I use Twitter and find it useful. I don't like how the media overuses it, especially the news (especially CNN). Reporting on what people tweet is not real reporting. Its a sly way for a reporter to express their opinion by cherry picking anonymous posts on Twitter and reporting those. Its very unethical, but what else is new about CNN?