Epson Stops Ink-Makers

Fewer Epson-compatible ink cartridges from third-party manufacturers will be available, because the printer vendor has convinced a number of manufacturers and importers to stop producing and marketing them. Last February, Epson filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against 24 companies that manufacture, import, or distribute after-market ink cartridges for sale in the U.S. The complaint sought to ban the companies from importing or selling the cartridges in the U.S. At the same time Epson filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Portland against the same companies seeking damages for the alleged intellectual property infringement.

Of the 24 companies, five have agreed to settle with Epson at both the ITC and district court. A further three companies have agreed with the ITC to stop importing cartridges, but will have their cases heard at the district court. Another eight companies have had default judgments filed against them at the ITC because they failed to respond to the complaint with the time allowed, said Epson. Trials against the remaining companies at the ITC will begin in January.

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I have an Epson printer and have not used it for ~4 years because ink is too expensive. I'd rather pay for a colour laser copy at the local printing place if I need anything in colour.

Maybe if they didn't charge so much for their own ink we wouldn't be seeking out the alternatives they wish to shut down.
Good thing the drug companies don't shut down the making of generic drugs or many more would be paying there as well. Probably not the best comparison but what came to mind.

It's kinda looney it'll only drive people to try refilling themselves. Which is a bit of a trial and error and possibly screw up the printer. Which may cost the idiots more money trying to send replacement printers.

That is so dead wrong and yet I own an Epson (a Stylus C62 to be exact)! Somebody please remind me to not get an Epson when the time comes for me to get a new printer!

Besides, I've used generic cartridges in that printer before and they worked fine without a hitch.

whatever printer you have, non.original ink is bad. Besides the fact that the moment you put a non original ink or toner cartridge in a pritner warranty is void(can't guarrantee quality of crappy third party products). Most third party products don't have thelittle airbag inside maitnaining atmopshereic pressuer, wich causes leaks, the colors are usually also offas well as ink density and opacity and how well it get's abosrbed, screwing up the very celever coding in the printer firmware for optimal quality.

on top of that things you don't get with third party ink

- Lifetime warranty untill 20% left(at least on HP, not sure about others, this includes fixing the entire printer if a broken cartridge messes it up)
- water proofing(on most new HP inkjets, at least the ink will be waterprood, so it won't run, black alwlays is on original. still you probably don't want to bring paper out in the raint, but ...)
- Quality WILL be less.
- if you're thinking of the enviroment, you can't return the used third party cartridges to the HP(other manufacturers probably have them too) recyclign return system, wich they provide for free.

Now I can tell you this, if you put third party crap in your printer, the chance that it will ruin your printer is VERY VERY high. The major problem though is that a lot of people sell their ink labelled as orginal, and these are the ones they usually target to take down.

A lot of research and developement goes into developement of ink and toners, the quality of the official stuff isn't somethign easily copied by any manufacturer. compare the price of a brand new HP Laserjet 2600 towards replacing a full set of toners for it, and you'll see the printer is barely a couple of bucks more. and for those allways buying the smallest model. if you look at the models that thave cost twice as much, they also have twice the toner capacity. so in fact buyign a laserjet 3800 cost you the same as a 2600. And all HP Laserjets(unlike Inkjets) come with full toners(with two exceptions, but they're crap absolutely cheapest lowest end printers). Still inkjets are better for images, but usually it's cheaper to use the online pritn/developement shops anyway, in fact, it is allways cheaper :p

so yeah, take care of your printers, don't put third party crap in them, and if you do don't expect service and don't blame anyone but yourself when it breaks.

1. Most printers only come with 1 year warranty either that or they are obsolete in 2 years.

2. We have seven printers at work that we have refilled with bulk ink bought in gallon bottles. It has saved $1000's of dollars in printing cost. The quality is the same as OEM ink. The black ink is pigment so it's waterproof just like OEM.

3. Today's printers are pretty cheap so replacing one is not a big deal.

4. In the event of fading or fire all documents are backed up in digital format so they can be reprinted if need be.

well apparently, people have found ways to copy Espon's ink and ****ed them off. Also, if you haven't already, you might want to take a look at toner refills. Because $5 of toner will allow you to print thousands of pages, and the quality difference is neglegible, and definitely not worth the primium you pay for an original toner.

Same here, and I'm never going back to ink. Once I saw my laser printer spit out razer sharp text on the crappiest paper I had available quickly and quietly, the local supermarket photo printers have gotten to do my photos.

I'm lucky...I have an HP inkjet I use at home, but, I'm a color photocopy repairman, so I have access to anything
super high quality for free. Nice to be able to print an 11x17 (A3) size photo on photo paper in just seconds.

I suspect it's not so much cartridge makers as it is the Continuous ink systems makers. I had one for my R300 and Rx-500. Great things. If you use them all the time. Don't let it dry in the tubes, though. Trashed it. I've got a Rx-580 now. It's not using any more ink than the 500 did. I'm just waiting for the CIS for it to come out. I'll get it in a heartbeat.

Will they file a lawsuit agianst paper makers as well and try to get a law passed that only Epson Paper can be used in an Epson printer ?

I thought this was America ?

PS: A guy on another forum bought a RX580 to print out 200 wedding photos with the refills he has had to spend $120 plus the intial cost of the printer. The total cost $200 for 200 photos. He realizes he could have just done it at a store for 13 cents a copy.

The newer models guzzle even more ink then the older models....BUYER BEWARE.

Quote - hardgiant said @ #1
I thought this was America ?
It is! Didn't you see, they mentioned a "lawsuit". The Land of Litigation.

This whole "Intellectual Property" brow-beating and using the DMCA as ammo to back up a false right to prohibit legal reverse-engineering of a competitor's product to provide consumers an array of inexpensive alternatives really yanks my chain.

Its already had enough to get the correct compatible cartidges for my Epson printer.
Now they want to make it even more tougher.