EU PS3 Backwards Compatibility List Now Online

A few days earlier than originally announced, the list of backwards compatible titles on the EU PS3 has now been released. The Sony site details games on a three tier basis, giving results for titles that have no known issues, some minor issues, and noticeable issues.

Unfortunately, that is as detailed as it gets at the moment. I jumped straight to P to check out the Pro Evolution Soccer results and it isn't looking good, although of course this is work in progress. God of War 1 and 2 are fully compatible, as is Final Fantasy XII.

While the list isn't complete, and it seems a mixed bag when it comes to compatibility, it's safe to say the PS3 beats the 360 hands down on compatible titles, but with no next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer and no fully compatible current PS2 titles it seems a bitter pill to swallow.

View: PS3 Backwards Compatibility List

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some people trade in their old consoles or they just want one console under the TV (nice and tidy) haveing your PS2, Wii, 360 and PS3 under the tv could get quite messy

I still don't see what's the big deal (yeah I know, Sony removed the temporary hardware they put in last year to save money, bla bla bla, Sony has always modified the design of its Playstations every couple of months). If you have PS2 games you like, as I have, just keep your damn PS2. Sometimes I wonder why some people want so badly to spend $600 only to get perfect emulation of a $130 system. I couldn't care less about a compatibility list, FF-12 works almost perfectly? good to know, I don't care, my PS2 runs it without a glitch.

As I said in another thread, Sony always planned to use software emulation from the beginning and switched to a hardware solution at the last minute because the emulation software was not ready. The system would have been more expensive in Europe either way and I doubt Sony will drop the price of the PS3 in the US or in Japan when they remove the PS2 harware from it. And anyway, it doesn't have anything to do with what I was saying. The fact remains that since Sony introduced the concept of backward compabitility on the PS2 (not so long ago), some people keep on seeing it as a major selling point, when to me, it is nothing of the sort, especially when you can buy the original system for cheap. It's a nice added bonus but that's it. I didn't buy my Wii to play my old GameCube games on it.

Final Fantasy XII are showing compatible with minor issues, not fully compatible. Who knows what those minor issues are, but still, why even list a game as compatible if it really isn't?

no GRAN TURISMO 4!!!!!
or... i could hold on to the ps2 and save my self $600+tax+intl. shipping+crapy controller

i do hope sony doesnt fail though, that would be bad for all

geeze, just took a random look and there were 6 Madagascars listed there. I'm guessing for different regions but way to pump up the list Sony :)

(now back to burning Sony Pictures Movies on Sony DVD+Rs with my Sony DVDRW Drive playing them on my SONY Upscalling DVD player and my Sony 57" HDTV - LOL.. just to show i'm kinda a Sony lover - not a fanboy so don't flame me for being a MS Fanboy because i have an Xbox and bashing Sony's "Huge" BC List. )