E.U. Pushes to Charge Intel with Illegal Business Practices

The E.U. Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes was asked, by a number of European Union investigators, to formally charge Intel on grounds of illegal business tactics. The case was filed in 2000 by AMD regarding Intel monopolizing its business in several European regions and possibly the United States. AMD originally claimed that Intel disallowed certain vendors to have their usual discounts if purchases of AMD products exceeded 20% of the vendor's overall purchase. Intel also may have bribed vendors not to carry AMD products.

Kroes is in the process of deciding whether or not to charge Intel and is requesting more information about Intel's activities in Europe. If she does not, the six year old case against Intel will be dropped. Kroes believes this is a particularly complex case and says eh will proceed cautiously. Intel plans to participate in the investigation: "We believe the investigation is continuing. We will continue to cooperate," said Intel representative Chuck Mulloy.

News source: DailyTech

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What's with all the trolls?

Don't accuse the EU if you don't have a clue. At least look up on illegal business practices and such.

Oh, and the EU isn't doing this for money. The amount they can fine Intel for, is chump change for them (did I say that correctly?).

The 20% thing is 100% true, but also 100% legal, at least in the United States. The other claims, well, I have no clue whether they're true or not.

Erm the EU has done nothing wrong. They have been following up on a request from AMD to check Intels business practices and they've been doing that FOR 6 YEARS. Whether Intel will receive a fine or not is irrelavent. Please can you guys please get all your facts right and RTFA before posting complete nonsense about the EU trying to destroy american companies.

I live in the UK and if the EU do something dumb like trying to force people to stop calling "Bombai mix" Bombai mix then i'm one of the first people complaining however if they do something which makes sense such as investigating any possible anti-competitive behaviour then it really grinds my gears when people just make lame comments simply because the title had "intel", "EU" and "anti-competitive" in it, put 2 and 2 together and got some crazy number.

will those comments about the EU charging fines as a means of fast cash ever stop!? get you facts right before you say something so stupid!

what the EU fined Microsoft was nothing, they make that kind of money in a minute! Just imagine that a proportion of the VAT is being transferred to the EU as soon as you make a purchase...let alone the proportion of gross national income they get from each member state!

Remember when big compagny where paying distributors under the table and where getting all kind of unfair market advantages over the little ones?

Well the EU is changing that.

It goes like this.

EU spends too much money on doing something which doesn't makes sense.
The next morning they all gather around for breakfast and find that their bank balance is low.
They call for the bowl which has names of ppl attending the breakfast written on a piece of paper.
A paper is drawn from the bowl and a person is choosen.
Then they call for another bowl which has names of different companies written on a piece of paper.
A paper is drawn from the bowl by the person who was picked the first time.
He/She reads the company name out loud.
Lawyers are also present at the breakfast table and they immidiately calculates how much they can fork out from the selected company.
All agrees that the amount is enough until next breakfast meeting so they all go home happy face.
The same day starting businees hour the company selected is sued.

Get over it EU, it's getting real old real fast.

*Yet again* the EU wants some fast cash. Now Intel has to waste their time and money defending themselves for no reason.

The EU needs to take the giant rod out of a certain orifice and find a way to generate money without screwing over hard working corporations.

AMD is just upset because Intel is winning the processor game and instead of competing professionally they'd rather just sue.

Sure looks bad on you, AMD.

Why shouldn't the EU be allowed to follow up on cases filed by companies operating in any of their encompassing countries?

If we'd be to put EU hatred aside, I can easily see AMD having a point here myself. Read the story and see...
We're talking signs of bribes at work and more.

Oh, and I like Intel CPU's more, especially these days, and don't agree on all EU do, so it's not about some irrelevant fanboy/hate thing here, and I hope it isn't in your case either for the sake of maturity.

I wish the EU would go to hell just like the RIAA, MPAA and all the other sue happy ******* out there. GOSH! I hate people/corporations who sue!!!

Why? For trying to enforce the rules in the place they're operating?

I'm not saying you're wrong, but at least give a reason... :-p

This is about Intel not providing discounts to vendors working with competitors in addition to Intel, anyway, as well as there having come up signs that Intel have been using bribes to promote their products. And that's when AMD (and not EU) stepped in. The EU is operating on behalf of AMD, likely because AMD don't have the authority to enforce European business practice compliance rules on Intel arbitrarily. Without AMD, little tell all this would've happened.