EU pushing for faster rollout of 4G LTE networks

Neelie Kroes, who is the European Commissioner for the digital agenda, held a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday, where she urged member countries of the EU to back a plan that would speed up deployment of LTE networks.

According to Kroes, the absence of LTE across the continent as well as the differences in bands used by different carriers, are proving to be a major problem in Europe. She cited the iPhone 5 and the new Ipad as devices that don't work as well as they should in this region, having no 4G networks to rely on.

She also sent out a warning to countries in the EU saying that "Without faster 4G roll-out, device makers won’t take Europe into account when planning their latest smartphones." And that's certain to raise some flags for government officials around the continent.

Kroes' plan would be to take $64.27 billion out of the EU budget and allocate them to carriers developing and expanding LTE coverage. She also stresses that this is an investment rather than a hand-out and that the EU will receive all of it's money back plus interest.

You might remember that not so long ago Europe was leading in terms of mobile technology with vast coverage and excellent speeds on our 3G networks, whereas the United States was lagging behind. However with the deployment of 4G the tables have turned and Europe is the laggard now, due to long delayed spectrum auctions, inconsistent plans, and what some would call, bigger problems.

The good news is that there finally seems to be enough political will and public pressure to make this happen. The BBC even reported this morning that there are talks of accelerating the UK spectrum auction so carriers can begin deployment sooner. Hopefully this will happen cross continent, and in 2013 our 4G networks will be as shiny and inter-operable as our 3G ones are now.

Source: Dow Jones news service Via: Techcrunch

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How fast is the US LTE network? What I last wrote on Ars Technica, US mobile network speed is still slow, with download and upload speeds topping around at 10Mbps. That is just somewhat higher than HSPA+ here in Canada.

Up here, we get at least twice the D/U speed. DL easily reaches 30/40/50/60Mbps, and UL, 15/25Mbps.

So, perhaps Neowin users may confirm or invalidate those US LTE speeds?

DrakeN2k said,
UK just decided to give one company a monopoly for a wile

If it puts pressure on O2 and Vodafone not to delay the LTE auction any longer it's worth it.

Agreed, but the US has started rolling out LTE long before the EU has. I'm not saying it will end up being better, I don't really believe that, I'm just saying they were the first.

AtriusNY said,
Network quality of US network providers is still inferior to that of EU network providers.

Speeds arent, we dutch used to have a very high network quality (phone, internet, tv, everything) however there isnt any LTE anywhere in our country.

But our good dutch friend Neelie Kroes is on the job.

U.S is still lagging behind. I end up paying $10 more per line for having 4g smartphone and theres no 4g in my area!

DrOmango said,
U.S is still lagging behind. I end up paying $10 more per line for having 4g smartphone and theres no 4g in my area!

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