EU will grant approval for Microsoft-Yahoo search deal

The landmark search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft appears to have taken a giant leap forward.  According to Yahoo, sources familiar with the situation are saying that the EU will grant unconditional approval for the partnership.

The EU set a deadline of February 19th to either approve or block the deal.  The approval of the EU will be a major milestone for the deal as the EU has not always been so kind to Microsoft. 

Experts on the matter had suggested that the EU would not block the deal because of Google’s current dominance of the marketplace.  Google currently commands 90% of the online search market while a combined Yahoo and Microsoft deal would only give Microsoft 7.4% of all searches. 

If the deal does finally become a reality, Microsoft’s search engine will replace Yahoo’s own search engine on  Microsoft is hoping that with greater visibility of the Bing name, it will be able to claw back some market share from Google.

Up until now, Microsoft has failed to be a serious competitor in the search market place because its previous offerings had fallen short on search accuracy.  Although, Bing, Microsoft’s newest search engine, is gaining some momentum but it should be noted that Microsoft has been on a strong marketing push for the platform.   

As this deal comes to a close, we will lose one more option for search on the web.  For the most part, it will now be Microsoft vs. Google, a battle of corporate giants competing for your web searches.   

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LynxMukka said,
Wow, Microsoft must feel honored for getting EU approval!

Its a trap!

Doh beaten by the guy above

Edited by hjf288, Feb 13 2010, 2:10am :

Bing is what it is... A decision engine.. It is completely useless for searching, but instead, useful for finding things in the real world. For example, it neatly organizes results for what you are looking for. Searching for Yahoo will show Yahoo's website with "Official Website" next to it. Searching for flu will show you a page of information right on Bing if you click on the Bing result.

It basically is a portal of information that it collects from the main sources on the Internet, and displays that information back to the user. But like I said, it does not at all do searching, search for an error message, it will just show the dumbest results EVER... Google can somehow do so much better at that, it's like it experienced the error itself and knows right where to point you.

ale07 said,
More people would move to google from Yahoo! than to Bing.

And they haven't done this in all these years why exactly? Bing is a better search engine than yahoo IMO.

By the time this deal goes through and gets implemented on Yahoo sites, Yahoo share will be so small will it really make a difference. It seems Microsoft is eating Yahoo's share but not much or even at all of Google's share.