Eudora E-mail Program Reborn as Open Source

After Qualcomm Inc. stopped selling Eudora, a pioneering e-mail program named after author Eudora Welty, in May of this year, it did not simply lay the program to rest in the collective digital graveyard of abandoned projects, but donated Eudora to the open-source community. And who better to pick up Eudora's development than the Mozilla Foundation, maker of the popular Firefox web browser? On August 31 the Mozilla Foundation started distributing a test open-source version of Eudora though the foundation is not yet promoting the product on its home page. The new version of Eudora is being developed under the code name Penelope and is available on the Web at Mozilla has said it plans to develop both Eudora and Thunderbird.

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I remember Eudora (not in my own usage but remember its one-time popularity) but I hope this doesn't queer the pitch for Thunderbird in any way. It seems counter-intuitive for MoFo to pour its energies into developing two competing mail user-agents indefinitely, and I can't help but fear that one of them will eventually be "shunned" by the Mozilla entity and left to whoever (if anyone) is ambitious/motivated enough to keep it alive.

The bequest of the codebase was made quite a while back. Has anyone from Mozilla made a statement on this subject I wonder?

Eudora is a great email application. As a matter of a fact, I still use it v6.xx and can honestly say its amazing. I am glad its being reborn, because it sure could use an update.

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