Eurogamer blacklisted by 2K Games

An especially poor review of Duke Nukem Forever might have caused a major gaming web site to be cut off from media contacts from the first person shooter's publisher 2K Games. Tom Bramwell, the editor-in-chief of, posted word on his Twitter site that, "We are blacklisted @2KGames and it seems to be standard practice." In a later response to a question, Bramwell seems to confirm that part of the ban includes no access to review copies of upcoming 2K Games' titles directly from the publisher.

He states, "We'll continue to review 2K games if we think our audience is interested. We had to buy Duke to review it, will for BioShock etc." He later adds, "No bad blood here - it would be handy if they gave us access but it's not the end of the world. I still like the people." Eurogamer gave the just released Duke Nukem Forever a score of 3 out of 10.

This move comes on the heels of 2K Games firing a third party PR firm for the game, The Redner Group, after its head Jim Redner made a threat on his Twitter page to keep future review copies games from some journalists who posted especially critical reviews of Duke Nukem Forever. Redner later apologized for his actions but 2K Games sent out a statement announcing the firing of The Redner Group, stating, "We have always maintained a mutually-respectful working relationship with the press and do not condone his actions in any way."

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So they make a terrible game and get butthurt when people document how bad it is? Sounds like someone's throwing their toys out their pram a little.

This grandfather clock doesn't tell me the time in china, nor does it light up. So it obviously sucks.... That is basically how all reviews about this game have been. No one can seem to remember the process and hell this game went through, and the decade it was made for. But yes, let's just keep comparing it to the newest of the new...

Personally I think Duke is a poor game overall but people should review it for what it is rather then taking shots at it and gloating (ref. read the Gamespot review). That said, publishers need to chill out and realise that it's a crap game, and though it's a nice miracle it came into being after all it's not fair selling it as the real thing for 60 bucks. It's not a 60 bucks game - it's a 24.99 bucks game for fans only. I played it for 2 hours at a friend ah it was like 'ah, good old days, LAN parties, come get some'. But 2 hours later I've already forgotten about it.

schizo_ said,
The game sucks even by today's standards yet it will still make millions. I don't see why it's different than other games.

Yes by today's standards but this game was released with 90's standards. I think that is the big problem here.

Darth Radeon said,
I say we boycott Duke Nukem Forever, the truth must prevail.

From what i can see they rated MW2 9/10, besides the bugs and poorer MP customizability the game is basically identical to DNF.

The truth must prevail indeed, i wonder how a game like that can score that high

Lamp0 said,

Because they liked it? As did many people.

So that says they are unprofessional reviewers. Professional won't push his own preferences.
A fundamental rule of journalism - journalist should analyze both sides, not pushing his own views.

We have such site in Russia - Absolute Games. It's well known for such unprofessional reviews. Like a one iRacing fan reviewed rFactor to 35/100, while reviewed GT Legends and RACE (commercial rFactor mods) to 92 and 80 respectively. Or another one RPG and arcade lover reviewing non RPG games with conclusion it's not like my favorite RPG, so...
So it's common when their reviews differs from user rating by 10-20 point out of 100.

I mean look at eurogamer's review. It's a crap. They definitely have a plot against the game or might be publisher.

So i'm with 2K on this. They doing right. No professional reviewers, then no games for reviews.