Europe online '24 hours a month'

Tracking firm comScore has concluded that more than 122 million Europeans aged 15 and above use the internet each day at home, school or in work. The average European accesses the Internet 16.5 days in a month, and spends 24 hours viewing 2,662 web pages. The Netherlands has the highest net penetration, with 83% of the country online, while Russia has the lowest, at 11% of the population. More than 221 million people across the 16 countries surveyed are online each month, comScore said.

Germany had the largest online population, with 32.5 million net users aged 15 and above, the survey for net usage in May 2007 found. The UK had the most active online population, spending more than 34.4 hours online each month and a peak of more than 21.8 million people online in any given day. Google was the most popular online destination in 13 of the 16 countries, followed by Microsoft in second place and Yahoo in third. Internet penetration across Europe was 40% of the population aged 15 and above, with only Spain (39%), Italy (36%) and Russia (11%) falling below this level.

"Increased net usage is tied to broadband roll-out. The UK is an example of a country whose net usage has increased dramatically as broadband has reached more people. While the study reflects average net usage and penetration, 20% of users account for 60% of usage, with some people spending hundreds of hours online each month," said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe.

News source: BBC News

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hmm . . on average i probably spend around 6-8hrs a day on the net (yes at work I'm free to browse as I please)

Something that should be kept is mind however is that Europe is extremely heterogenous in how Internet is used, and bandwidth availability and costs. After all, it's just a bunch of different cultures taken together and can't be compared to e.g. USA and states as they more closely share legislation, economy, and culture. So I'd look more into invidiual country stats than European averages for the more useful/interesting data here.

Population of The Netherlands: 16.311.700 (2005) Wikipedia

So that menas that 13.538.711 people in The Netherlands are online myself included

Would have been nice to see usage X per 1000 people.

Percentage of the population alone doesn't give you the whole picture since each country's population varries in numbers.