Europe votes on anti-piracy laws

Europeans suspected of putting movies and music on file-sharing networks could be thrown off the web under proposals before Brussels.

The powers are in a raft of laws that aim to harmonise the regulations governing Europe's telecom markets.

Other amendments added to the packet of laws allow governments to decide which software can be used on the web.

Campaigners say the laws trample on personal privacy and turn net suppliers into copyright enforcers.

MEPs are due to vote on the so-called Telecom Packet on 7 July. The core proposals in the packet were drawn up to help European telecoms firms cope with the rapid pace of change in the industry.

Technological and industry changes that did not respect borders had highlighted the limitations of Europe's current approach which sees national governments oversee their telecoms markets.

"The current fragmentation hinders investment and is detrimental to consumers and operators," says the EU document laying out the proposals.

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(ChrisJ1968 said @ #10.1)
the whole world broski. The world is fast turning into a one world government. one economy..better yet globalization. The US will be in lock step VERY soon I'm sad to say with the crashing of the Dollar.
You can't say that! They'll make some stupid comment about foil hats! Until it's really in effect then the whole world will be thinking "Oh, they were right".

(ChrisJ1968 said @ #10.1)
the whole world broski. The world is fast turning into a one world government. one economy..better yet globalization. The US will be in lock step VERY soon I'm sad to say with the crashing of the Dollar.

Only if a Democrat wins the next election

(z0phi3l said @ #10.3)

Only if a Democrat wins the next election

well, if McCain wins, it's another 4 years of Bush politics. we have bad choices on either side of the fence but pick the least of two evils. politicians are politicians, they are all about themselves

just like the movie hackers screamed, if they do get this put into law, hack the world!!!!

(Island Dog said @ #10.5)

Which will only speed up the process. ;)

Yep, sad to say, the liberal controlled and dominated media in America certainly wants a democrat in office, they are far easier for the liberals to manipulate than a republican is.
Say goodbye to privacy and freedom of speech and hello to intimidation and censorship.

They already are... Government isn't motivated by people. It's motivated by whoever can lobby the most money to politicians.

I bloody hate the EU.

Also, they can't do this. They can't throw you off the internet if you're suspected of downloading illegal stuff. You have to have been caught downloading illegal stuff, and they can't do that, because they can't see what you're downloading, as that's an invasion of your privacy. If in the future, they can see what you're downloading, you can hide your P2P connections behind an encryption (uTorrent has this feature), and you're safe; because it is illegal to hack an encryption. And if they made it legal, the hackers would just run riot!

They can't do a thing to stop people downloading illegal stuff. Period.

(MightyJordan said @ #12)
that's an invasion of your privacy.

Your priv... what?

If this law gets finally aproved you won't have such thing.

These laws are probably going to pass. Those corporations have more influence than the general population.

Oh please, everything the EU has been doing recently has been protecting the EU against big business - that's why they fined Microsoft and have been coming down hard on phone providers. I imagine parts of it will make it into law but not the controversial parts like restricting internet software and kicking people off the internet. This article just paints a worst case scenario.

It really sucks how the majority of the population has zero influence on what goes on in the world. All we can do is kick and scream when we watch this stuff happen.

You can write to your MP and MEP. You can stop using ISPs like Virgin that cave in to media company pressure. I don't know what else you can do though.

True, true...

And a lot of people actually don't have a clue about what's happening. Just feed them a few lines of disinformation and they'll just say "Right, ban those pirates, stop the terrorists!" and be done with it.

Like the song, that article about "regulating the internet": the masses are asses

It's about time the EU gets a bit more democratic, too! The way the voting happens now is way too fragmented...

When I was little, and somebody tried to explain that you couldn't copy a cassette (old times, ey?) to give it to a friend I simply wouldn't believe it. It felt so natural, I always felt like I was buying the physical medium, not all the license crap surrounding it.

Anyway, should something dramatic happen to the internet, I guess we'll all be going back to taping songs on the radio and taping shows on tv. (I had a LOT of vhs tapes many moons ago) If DRM allows it, of course!

One day you will understand that things like "laws allowing governments to decide which software can be used on the web." are wrong.

So you all are saying it is alight if I copy your game or software and put it on the internet so people can get it without paying you for it? You are essentially talking like pirates.

Sharing information on the internet is great but sharing pirated information is not.

How about throwing the one polluting the traffic as a result of lack of security! I got so tired of the lack of effort to secure servers and workstations that I now drive a dump truck for work. The polluters include banks and law offices as well as government offices (no need for security in these places ).

If they keep invading peoples privacy for whatever reason people will just start encrypting all their traffic.

There is no law against it and if questioned by your ISP as to "why" you just say "To keep nosey ******* like you looking at my traffic"

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