Even more web sites join SOPA/PIPA protests

Earlier today a number of web sites including Wikipedia, Minecraft.net and others went dark for a planned 24 hour protest of the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. At 8 am Eastern time this morning a number of other web sites decided to go dark for 12 hours, until 8 pm tonight, for their own protests of SOPA and PIPA.

The highest profile web site that has shut down for 12 hours today is Reddit.com. The site is currently displaying the above image as well as information about both bills that are currently being debated before the US Congress. That site has been joined by several others including BoingBoing.net, MoveOn.Org, Bluesnews.com, Destructoid.com, the Consumer Electronics Association's web site and more. The Gamasutra gaming news web site is still up but they have indicated they won't update the site with any news stories for 12 hours.

While the debate for the SOPA bill won't be taken up again by the US House of Representatives until sometime in February, the PIPA bill is currently scheduled to come before a vote by the US Senate on January 24, despite efforts by a group of Senators to delay those actions.

Image via Reddit.com

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I didn't go dark on my site, but I posted a blog about SOPA/PIPA and the blackout. I think my 3 loyal readers (aka my family) would have been quite confused if they just saw a 503 error. I think the most effective way of "blacking out" that I saw was a black background with a personalized message about SOPA/PIPA.

I'm leaving mine in the dark until the end of the 24th... It's just a comic website anyway Gives me a break from doing all that flash.

My site joined! http://superjonathan.com

BTW, Neowin, is it okay if you change the icon for SOPA related news stories to something other than a pirate flag? Cuz, it's kinda seems a little too pro the idea that SOPA is actually stopping pirates to me. Not that I think y'all agree with that though, otherwise, what would that banner at the top of the site be for? xD

Loving how far people have gone in joining together against this, especially seeing Neowin get involved too! Much love to the staff here!

wow, this is getting really noticed now screw SOPA and PIPA and the establishment who think they can do whatever the hell they want with us!

This is so funny.... random people on social media outlets I belong to are now all up in arms over this. Im sure if Wikipedia wasnt blocked out today 98% of them would have said nothing.

Random comment: many of the sites protesting SOPA and PIPA have better blackout layouts than their actual, cluttered layouts (Wikipedia being a notable exception).

I think the blackout idea was brilliant. It is generating lots of press and is really bringing this piece of legislation to the front. Everyone is hearing about it now. Everyone is getting easy access via linking from popular web sites to escort them through he process of writing something to those in congress that are suppose to be representing them.

The site everyone hasn't mentioned, I think really conveys what most of us think, it the gaming peripheral company Razer at http://www.razerzone.com . Then again if you see the site, it might explain why most other sites aren't listing it.

There needs to be some sort of regulation due to the stats from the social networking sites. I don't do social networking because I don't feel it's anybodies business how I spend my day and time. Most people live and breathe social networking. They can't go a day without it like a drug. There have been murders, rapes, and assaults behind social networking media meetings. It's like some colleges, there is such a diverse population of people on the campuses that include rapist, thieves and all sorts of antisocial people who attend them. Some unsuspecting people post on these site and then they are assaulted, raped or taken advantage of my those criminals who frequent these sites looking for victims. I know that there are bad people everywhere and it seems like some of these site do not screen the people who use them when a subscription is required. The world is a bad place so some sort of regulation is required, it may not be this but something is needed. There is no security from sites like Anonymous, who openly steal information to what end is unknown. There are a lot of bad people out there who take advantage of novice and unsuspecting users.

I find it kinda funny that to protest this bill which allows them to pull any website they want without question, websites are going offline. By the way, Reddit seems to be the only site of the major ones that went dark. Both Google and Wikipedia still work.

ILikeTobacco said,

Not if you do as wikipedia tells you to and you disable javascript.

Yes but the first thing you see is the SOPA notice. That's all this is about: Awareness.

Yeah pretty much a shame how much PIPPA and SOPA will affect Neowin...Yet Neowin is reporting on all the sites blacking out...I can go with out Neowin for a day!


abadaba said,
Yeah pretty much a shame how much PIPPA and SOPA will affect Neowin...Yet Neowin is reporting on all the sites blacking out...I can go with out Neowin for a day!


People reading Neowin already know what SOPA and PIPA are.
People reading Wikipedia, Google or Reddit probably don't.

They delayed SOPA until late next month in hopes that the internet protests will die off by then. Politicians are such **** holes.

sagum said,
Its a shame Neowin didn't join in too. bah.

Funny... I see a "WE OPPOSE PIPA" banner bar at the top of Neowin....