Everything you always wanted to know about Google...

"Everything you always wanted to know about Google, but were afraid to ask" was the title of this very interesting 34-slide presentation on Google prepared by FaberNovel, a french consulting firm.

It is hard to realize the real nature of this just 10 years old giant given the number of services it has continuously released, updated (and sometimes shut down) or acquired. The presentation gives a great overview of the company's overall strategy and the reasons it has become what it is today.

It addresses some key questions about the company's future, how Google won't be affected by the crisis, its relation with Microsoft and its advantages on Facebook, its footprint in the infrastructure and mobile world and more

(Image via TechCrunch)

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I done it before but the darned thing just takes me back to the main page. Oh well, maybe I shouldn't tamper with forces I can't control. *rolls eyes*

edit: I tried to reply to +Haddaway but it didn't work so here it is...

If you really want to know everything about Google, just Google Google.

But seriously, don't. You'll break the internet.

Not really my thing, I was hoping this would be Everything you always wanted to know about Googles data centers and infrastructure

accesser said,
Not really my thing, I was hoping this would be Everything you always wanted to know about Googles data centers and infrastructure

Unfortunately, platforms and data center stuff is considered very confidential, along with search algorithms and ads. This stuff will probably NEVER see the light of day.
Infrastructure, not so much. There are papers on GFS, map reduce, bigtable, and others, all of which are heavily used. Some is even open-source like protocol buffers.

EDIT: Other than the financial data at the end, there wasn't any real info about Google.

Google did a talk at the UK university I'm at earlier this year (or was it late last year...). Either way, they talked quite a bit about how GFS worked (as you mentioned, there are papers on it, which they directed us to for more info). They also made jokes about how much they weren't allowed to tell us.
So, about the same as the discussion on here so far!

Sadly, it'll always be in Google's best interests to keep a lot of this stuff secret, so they will. Open source is great, but not if it ends in you going bankrupt...

On an almost unrelated note, our latest coursework for one of our modules is making our own implementation of the PageRank algorithm!