Ex-Microsoft employee gets jail time for money laundering

In a story that sounds a little like the plot from the movie Office Space, an ex-Microsoft accountant was sentenced today to two years in federal prison after being convicted of stealing $1.1 million from the company. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer web site, 54 year old Randal Ray Seal was also ordered by U.S. District Court Judge James Robart to pay back the full amount he took from Microsoft.

Seal, of Shoreline, Washington, started working for a contractor who did business with Microsoft in the 1990s. Later was hired full time by the company and worked in Microsoft's Redmond, Washington office in its corporate services department. In 2003, Seal was audited a number of times due to changes in his department. He apparently took it personally and took advantage of some flaws he had discovered in the company's bookkeeping department to take money from Microsoft. He reportedly said he stole the funds in order to teach a "lesson to his superiors". Microsoft laid off Seal in 2004 but he still had possession of the company's stolen money.

Microsoft finally discovered the missing funds in 2009 and alerted federal prosecutors. After he was discovered, Seal entered a plea agreement in 2010, admitting he was guilty of money laundering. In a letter to the court Seal said, "When asked by the government, I stood up and took responsibility. I didn’t make the same mistake twice.” Assistant U.S Attorney Mark Parrent didn't have much sympathy, saying, "Over a period of many months, the defendant executed a scheme to steal more than $1 million. He had many chances to change his mind and end the scheme.”

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Since when is Embezzlement the same as money laundering ?????

He Embezzled $1.1M he didn't launder dirty money for criminals there's a big freakin difference

WAR-DOG said,
I'm starting to wonder if the salary there is really that bad?

yea right, even if salary is bad, I imagine their perks are great working for microsoft. but who would complain working for microsoft in this bad economy?

WAR-DOG said,
I'm starting to wonder if the salary there is really that bad?
Nah. I think it's just greed, plain and simple. You get all caught up in a huge corporation like that where it's easy to blend into the background then seeing the billions of dollars moving across the books and figure, "ah what's a cool mil to these chumps....they'll never miss it". I can't imagine getting laid off and 5 years later getting a knock on the door from some detective asking you to come in and answer some questions about a missing million bucks. He probably thought he got away with it until that day.

This is like the 10th time I read about an employee who was caught stealing millions from Microsoft. I'm starting to wonder how Microsoft still has money. (inb4 they have money)