Exclusive: Hotmail offers extra space

Thanks to twyst3d for the heads up

Hotmail will announce plans to offer more space to customers. In a bid to rival Google's upcoming Gmail, MSN plan to give free customers as much as 250meg of email space. MSN will also announce a plan to have a "plus" paid version of Hotmail for $19.95 a year which will include 2gig of email space.

Free Hotmail Service:

250meg storage + 10meg attachment limit

30 day expiry if no activity

Antivirus scan & clean

Hotmail Plus Service:

Annual fee (price varies per country) expected to be $19.95

2gig of storage + 20meg attachment limit

No expire date

No unneeded graphics or ads

Access to pop3 settings

Antivirus scan & clean

MSN Premium subscribers are expected to get the same as the Hotmail Plus Service subscribers.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

News source: Neowin's BPN

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