Exclusive look at Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 beta

Messenger Plus! Live 4.50, the hugely popular add-on for Windows Live Messenger, has been in beta testers hands for a few weeks now and there are some significant changes. A new design, numerous tweaks and some impressive new features really make this release one of the best ever. Here are the main changes:

Skinning Messenger

Messenger Plus! Live's main new feature is fully integrated skins within Messenger! The program manages skins, allows skin creators to develop them easier than ever before (no more .rle issues) and customize Messenger's design to its full potential. It is seriously impressive and I bet that soon there will be more skins like the ones available for MSN Messenger. Skins will be made faster and in a larger quantity. Windows Live Messenger itself could not implement this feature better. Skinning also allows manipulation of Messenger's windows, something which was never possible before. You can see a basic example of this happening in the screenshot below [...]

Screenshot gallery: New features and changes
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For once, let's comment the software and not the small part of its setup that talks about a sponsor program, shall we? :)

I hope you'll all enjoy this new version! it should be out soon.

Patchou gives you the option of whether or not to help support the project with the aid of an additional advertising program... though you don't have to install it. Only issue I've had with that, is the "I refuse to give my support" text for the No option. There are many ways to support a project, and that kinda makes me feel like I'm some sort of a**hole for using the program free of charge, simply because I refuse to have any advertising programs on our computer.

One of the biggest ways to support any program, is word of mouth...and I do recommend a lot of people use the program for all the additional features it has.

So your words pay patchou's bills? :D

Does he have a Paypal option on his site? He has a lot of loyal users, surely some of them would see fit to slip him a fiver.

Are you kidding? Messenger Plus! is great, and it's one of the few things I miss about Windows. I think Patchou has done a great job

How is it adware? It does offer to install a toolbar thing when you do the initial install, but you can choose not to. And bloatware? How?

williamhook said,
How is it adware? It does offer to install a toolbar thing when you do the initial install, but you can choose not to. And bloatware? How?

maybe it isnt now, i dont know

but back in the day it was really bad