EZTV and YIFY-Torrents latest in series of UK ISP blockades

Following the mass facepalm moment to ever take place yesterday, as news revealed that porn will be blocked for all UK citizens by default, other organizations are still waging a war on sites hosting links to pirated material being made available on the web in UK homes; this despite proof showing that piracy is actually on the rise in the United Kingdom.

EZTV and YIFY-Torrents are the latest "victims" following a series of blocks over the past two or three years specifically targeted at torrent sites, and the proxies that bypass those filters, one of the most famous being The Pirate Bay which was blocked by many UK ISPs in May 2012 following a court mandated order.

Movie industry group FACT told TorrentFreak that this latest blocking round will not be the last, and they will continue to target sites that enable “mass access to infringing content.” The number of blocks ordered against pirate sites is also increasing at a rapid pace as ISP have stopped defending themselves against such High Court orders, merely treating it more as a formality than an issue of censorship for their customers.

A spokesperson for FACT told TorrentFreak:

“The Motion Picture Association (MPA) and FACT wrote to EZTV last month asking it to stop infringing creative content. This site provides access to copyrighted material on a large-scale with no permission from the copyright owners,”

“No response was received, so further action has been taken against EZTV through the courts,” the movie industry group added.

The BPI, which is Britain’s Record Industry body, recently made a “hit list” that names popular torrent sites isoHunt, Extratorrent and Torrentz, as well as several cyberlockers and the music streaming service Grooveshark; so those living in the UK can expect another round of blocks soon.

The court order has yet to be made public, but the report says it expects it to be similar to those issued against The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents. 

Source: TorrentFreak | Piracy keyboard image via Shutterstock

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I'd be more happy if my ISP just paid a little each month from my bill to content owners then that way it wouldn't matter how I got the content it would be paid for no matter what... BUT as it stands the like of Hulu Netflix and their ilk will never come to NZ because SkyTV own all the damn rights even for stuff they haven't/wont show just so nobody else can show it, and to get the few channels I want to watch I have to take a plan that contains a whole bunch of crap I don't want we also have a new PPV operation setting up here called Igloo and guess what it's all the currently non profitable channels available on yup you guessed it SkyTv so really there's no choice left but to use places like EZTV and YIFI (which I do proliffically as there's nothing worth watching on NZ TV)

Edited by Athlonite, Jul 24 2013, 5:45am :

So... Proxy url available in 3... 2... 1...

That was time and money well spent. That's how it tends to go with every other such site anyway.

The networks need to understand and take their queue from Netflix and have the shows world wide. People are selling products across the globe, they need to do the same and not waiting on billions of dollars in ads or show it on their website and not block it to us only but instead work with local countries with their ads on specific countries because they do it with online blogs, e.g I would be reading the local newspaper online in Jamaica yet it has us products being advertise all over the pages.

yify is good, only proper rips he does. dont think he does r5's so its all good. and eztv 4tw for all shows. how else do i expect to see supernatural or stargate atlantis or universe, or defiance or continuum? wait years for it to come to UK IF it comes at all. I dont have sky or anyting cus to expensive. I think im doing the creators a favour by WANTING to watch it

You can stream a lot of shows using BBC iPlayer. They are either free to view or cost next to nothing. Also from ITV4. If you want American shows just use a paid VPN and subscribe to Hulu Plus. Shouldn't cost you more than $15 a month for the both of them.

Some of you all here will say bypassing geo-restricted content isn't legal, which is true. But it is way better than downloading via torrents. At least here you are paying for it.

You talk as if YIFY is a single person, and not a huge release group..

Anyway you are right.. content creators and consumers often have a large company in the middle that does all the evil

If Hulu detects that you are using VPN to access their contents outside America, your account will be suspended.

So here we have 2 options:-

1. Access eztv.it and get TV series episodes hot from the oven. Illegal but free.
2. Use paid VPN to access Hulu Plus to get time-delayed TV series episodes. Illegal and not free (two subsriptions).

Now tell me honestly, which one is a legal method to access US TV series episodes from outside United States.

I wonder how long it will be until websites that teach users how to bypass content restrictions, or simply offer VPN services in general will be blocked in the UK?

Its a slippery slope to censorship on the internet in the UK sadly.

I learned about Tor Browser from the source of this article. Kinda funny to think all the money used in this crusade is wasted thanks to one piece of software.

what said,
I learned about Tor Browser from the source of this article. Kinda funny to think all the money used in this crusade is wasted thanks to one piece of software.

OpenDNS ftw

I always forget to record my program and eztv saved me, even in the us, you still would sometimes have to wait 1-2 weeks before the show is streamed. syfy is worse, sometimes a month. and then sometimes the picture or sound is terrible.

besides. are they going to say it piracy when you let family member watch your dvr or vcr tape

hell tv networks tried to block dvr.

I can understand piracy with movies.

they been fighting this issue sense the first vcr came out.

Release the shows at the same time across the world and price box sets more reasonably and people wouldn't pirate. This is just the latest in the creative industry's round of full blooded stupidity, they never seem to learn.

Yeah piracy has little do with price. Its availability of content, where in the UK shows like NCIS don't show until 1-2 years after the current season has ran in the US.

Impatient much?

If you have to wait 10 minutes to see something you have never seen or wait a decade to see it, does it make it any less new to you?

Think about it. On places like Neowin, you have people from all over the world talking to each other about popular culture, etc. If, for whatever reason, your country doesn't get stuff until years later, you will constantly be out of the loop.

Exactly, if they want to stop piracy then they need to drop the timed exclusive stuff and just let everyone experience the content at the same time.

Why should I miss out on the latest season of NCIS because I live in the UK?

Also lets not forget the region locking of content (YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU YOUTUBE), for example say I want to watch a video, it might be blocked in the UK, but yet everywhere else that content can be viewed without an issue.

If some of the legal streaming content providers took a lesson from some of the pirate streaming sites then this would be a non issue. The main one is how shows aren't available worldwide as quickly as in the US.

And some are NEVER available.

For example, China, Korea and Japan movies are not only old kung-fu / Godzilla movies

Brony said,
And some are NEVER available.

For example, China, Korea and Japan movies are not only old kung-fu / Godzilla movies

I have discovered some major Chinese, Japanese and Korean movies this way. My girlfriend is now hooked on Asian dramas that we now subscribe to Netflix, HuluPlus and Dramafever. I don't understand why they don't see that the censoring and regulating is not productive to new media.

If they can provide the same quality of releases (whether it be digital download or streaming) as YIFY at the same file size and for a reasonable price then I'm all in.

Also I don't like being weeks/months/seasons/etc behind on shows so EZTV have me there.

YIFY should write a book about video compression techniques -- I do not know how he manages to squeeze so much quality out of so few bytes (yes, he ditches the surround sound, but who cares?)

As for EZTV and similar TV show release groups, the service they provide ia what TV studios should aspire to in the digital age.

cleverclogs said,
They just need to make streaming ever so slightly cheaper!

Cheaper than what ?

Spotify is already so cheap you might as well just illegally download as far as the artists are concerned. Netflix is the same price, for as much tv series and movies you want.

Indeed, the price for streaming isn't an issue, the amount of content available and how long it takes for new stuff to be available is the issue. Same goes for other digital distribution such as iTunes.

There are many TV shows I'd gladly buy a season pass for, especially if I got them on US release (rather than some stupid half year+ delay for no reason) but buying TV shows in iTunes isnt even an option where I live, guess the content owners doesn't want my money?