Facebook and Microsoft are about to get even closer

Almost one year ago, Microsoft announced that they had landed a search deal with Facebook and Twitter, allowing real time updates from the social networking sites to appear in the search results. This pushed ever more the "decision engine" idea, as the users decided what trending topics were. Fast forward six months and Microsoft upgraded its search engine to add more integration with Facebook, and improve integration with Twitter. Now, CNET reports, Microsoft and Facebook wish to tie together their search even more.

Several people knowledgeable of the situation shared news that Bing may soon be able to tap into anonymized data that is generated from the various features Facebook uses to integrate the service with other web sites. Facebook's "Like" Button is a fantastic resource to find out what trending topics are hot, even when they are not searched or stated elsewhere.

All of this data would be incredibly aiding to both Bing users, and advertisers on the search engine. For the users, it would allow a more accurate representation of what is popular and what people like. The information would help tweak Bing's search results so that the most liked and most likely relevant data would be placed up first for the user.

Those who place advertisements on the search engine would also get perks. For them, it would show what users are actively into and give advertisers a better concept of their market.

Do not fear that all of your data will be taken without your warning, as the only data that could be mined would be what the user already makes public.

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What about all of these custom like pages?

"I like seeing my girlfriend" is just going to result in more dating websites. GREAT ¬_¬ and "I like ice cream" I know I do.

jbrooksuk said,
What about all of these custom like pages?

"I like seeing my girlfriend" is just going to result in more dating websites. GREAT ¬_¬ and "I like ice cream" I know I do.

I like money. http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/?q=i+like+money+idiocracy&vid=7CBB451026555B3EEA187CBB451026555B3EEA18&docid=232887877952&FROM=LKVR5&GT1=LKVR5&FORM=LKVR1

AKLP said,
seems useless to seem.
thats why i use google

It seems pretty useful to me, that's me though. If it's implemented properly and in an effective way, it can be extremely useful. Hopefully it works out the way I think it will/should.

And I unfortunately have to agree that google still has of late been showing slightly better and relevant results. I love and still use bing though for the most part unless I can't find what I want. It's getting better though.

The guy you wish you was said,

Not really, Its Microsoft going out with Facebook, LOL

No, they were going out. Now they're going steady. Pretty soon, they'll be engaged and then married lol

That's cool. I have BING as my homepage and I frequently check to bottom right hand corner to see what is popular. It's a nice touch that could be enhanced with more data.

I see this helping in advertising mostly. Talking about trend topics? I don't know there are street corners that have high "likes" in my area. Also, a lot of those are old, such as, like "three stooges". I do not want that poping up in my search results, even though i do like them.