Facebook announces it now has 901 million monthly users

Facebook is expected to launch its highly anticipated public stock offering in just a few weeks, perhaps sometime in mid-May. However, as part of that process, the company has to release its current financial numbers to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Today, Facebook did indeed make such a filing with the SEC, revealing its earnings for the first quarter of 2012.

As part of its results, Facebook announced that it now has 901 million monthly users. That's a big increase compared to the 845 million monthly users that the company says it had just two months ago when it first filed for its IPO. Facebook says that it now has 500 million daily active users, compared to 483 million daily users in February.

Facebook says it now generates 3.2 billion comments and "Likes" a day, compared to 2.7 billion in February. 300 million photos are also uploaded to the site each day, compared to 250 million per day two months ago. Finally, Facebook now has 125 billion friendships between its users, compared to 100 billion friendships in February.

For the first quarter of 2012, which ended on March 31, Facebook said it brought in $1.06 billion in revenue, 45 percent higher than the same period a year ago. However, the company's net income came in at $205 million, lower than the $302 million in net income in generated at the same time a year ago. Facebook added that 23 percent of its income in the first quarter came from money generated by the game publisher Zynga.

Facebook has been spending a lot of money in its current quarter. Earlier this month it bought Instagram for a stock-cash deal that's worth $1 billion, and it announced today that it has spent $550 million to acquire a number of patents from Microsoft.

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I only go on FB about once a week now. I've set it up for email alerts if someone sends me a message/wall post and have photo approval on. I used to go on FB so much but now I go on about an hour a week I'm much more productive in my spare time. It's amazing how people get so hooked on it.

It just boggles my mind thinking that they handle this much traffic, which must be so expensive, and provide the service for free and still make profit in millions! Their source of income is just advertisement right? That is one great business model.

neufuse said,
so the average person has ~130 friends?

One would assume; however, we all know how entirely inaccurate that is. Perfect example: I have one friend who only is facebook friends with people he speaks to near daily, so he has something like 58 friends. Then, there are (imo - crazy attention whores) some friends I have, who will add anyone and everyone they ever walked next to on a sidewalk (obvious exaggeration) and have well over 3500+ facebook friends haha

neufuse said,
so the average person has ~130 friends?

If you cant name all your "friends" on your Facebook wall there are not your friends.

DrakeN2k said,

If you cant name all your "friends" on your Facebook wall there are not your friends.

Social networking doesn't exist to just limit yourself to people you know very well. Everyone uses Facebook differently.

DrakeN2k said,

If you cant name all your "friends" on your Facebook wall there are not your friends.

EXACTLY my thoughts also. I don't care how you use Facebook or for what purposes, although I can't see any real intelligent reason to use that garbage in the first place!!

I do have an account there although it's a totally fictitious name no one would ever think of. Have absolutely no friends and in fact can't login anymore because it keeps asking me to enter a phone number so they can sent some text message to validate account. Yeah, right!! Like I'm going to give that socially diseased site my phone number?!!

That is how they make their money also, by selling your info to other companies!!

It would be great to have a book with interesting thing about Facebook, its users, secrets, facts... You know, gossip :-D

Sadly they probably count me as one of those users even though I don't actually use Facebook. I just get auto-logged in every now then at home and I use my mobile to play Words with Friends with one of my Facebook friends. But as far as actually posting photos/updates/whatever on Facebook (So you know ... using it ...) I haven't in almost 2 years.

Comment section here sucks. When i posted this it showed under different post and now it's where it should.

Edited by mantragora, Apr 23 2012, 10:57pm : comments here sucks

Powerless said,
FB is here to stay.

it really is .. they destroyed all their competition so early on and no real competition is comparable in the same scope as them..

The main this is that people want to only check a single social network just like their email address so its going to be very hard for there ever to be a real number 2 ..