Facebook for Windows Phone 8 updated

The Windows Phone app for Facebook.

Microsoft hasn't updated its Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 since December, but today that's changing, as the company today released version 4.2 of the app.

Unfortunately, there is no word as to what has been changed, added or improved in the Facebook app in the change notes. Microsoft developed the Windows Phone versions of the Facebook app on its own; Facebook itself only makes the apps for iOS and Android devices.

However, another popular Windows Phone app did get a major update for Windows Phone 8-based device owners today. The VoIP app Viber, which originally launched the first public beta version for Windows Phone 7.5 devices in May 2012, has been updated to version

The new version not only adds the ability to make free HD-quality phone calls but also adds support for live tiles, which will allow its users to pin any Viber voice chats to the Windows Phone 8 start screen. It also adds lock screen notifications as well as the ability to connect up to 40 people in group conversations and a way to share your present location with other Viber friends in messages.

Source: Windows Phone Store | Image via Microsoft

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All I want is the ability to share stuff from the app. Is that too much to ask for? How about adding that or handing over the development of the app to Facebook. I loved both the iOS and Android versions of the apps and absolutely despise the WP version. I just pinned the web app using the mobile touch website. It's better than the app or just go to touch.facebook.com.

They'll do it eventually. The updated newsfeed hasn't been rolled out yet and once that happens, the iOS and Android versions will be updated. Microsoft would feel pressured to update the app's UI and features in order to keep up.

When I go from news to photo and then return to news feed, it remembers where I were. In addition, you can add friends (friend requests) from the app now too.

Yeah I did notice it was loading again when you would go from news feed item -> picture -> back to news feed....however like j2006 said, it didn't seem to scroll to the top again. +1 for that.

j2006 said,
They at least fixed the bug where the feed kept jumping to the top

That's what im referring too, did it to be still, maybe I need to keep trying

brent3000 said,
I hope it fixed the issue of constantly reloading the news feed when you go back and forth

Edit, nope still broke

God i hope it has fixed that, sooooo annoying!

The difference between the WP8 and WP7.x versions shall be the difference between me buying a Nokia Lumia very soon. The fragmentation between the platforms could be detrimental to the future of the WP. While Android has big fragmentation problems, it has a huge ever increasing market share. WP on the other hand doesn't have that, the early comers to the platform need to be kept happy. These are the kind of people that are going to recommend WP to their friends. Developers are already focusing on Android and iOS, why are Microsoft making their job even harder?

Microsoft made a big mistake breaking compatibility between the two versions. In Windows, version compatibility has been a well baked concept since Win95. It has served the Windows platform very well and ensured they have kept an overwhelming chunk of the market share.

There is no unique compatibility break... build for Windows Phone 7.x, and it will also work in WP8. ALL platforms allow you to target a newer platform, creating this problem. This isn't exclusive to Windows Phone. The same thing happens on Android and iOS.

Unless you think developers can target Android 2.3 and be compatible with 2.2... or target iOS 6 and be compatible with devices running iOS5...

You only need to target WP8 if you have WP8 features/api you want to access... and even then (and I do), you don't need a separate codebase for each if you do it right (now's not the time or place to describe exactly how )

And now that's WP8 is running the NT kernel... it should be smooth sailing.

I have to disagree russell, breaking compatibility between the versions was a necessary change to unify platforms. You talk about how version compatibility is a great concept for standard windows since '95, well now they're positioning windows phone to be compatible with windows desktop.

As rfirth said, you can just target 7.8 for app development and then it's not a problem anyway. I'm not too worried about getting android levels of fragmentation, as one good thing about Microsoft is their major updates tend to be quite spread out