Facebook for Windows Phone 8 updated, Windows Phone 7 update coming soon

Microsoft has announced today that Facebook for Windows Phone 8 has received a ‘major update’ that brings a ton of new features to the application including a complete overhaul of the user interface, improved navigation, support for high-res pictures, post sharing, Facebook Timeline view, and more.

The update is related to the feedback received from the Facebook beta program and Microsoft sincerely thanks those of you who have contributed feedback as it has directly shaped the release today. The update will also be pushed to the Windows Phone 7 platform later this summer but a specific date was not mentioned.

It is pivotal that Microsoft keeps the app momentum moving forward as it is typically the biggest criticism of the platform. With the release of iHeartRadio and Redbox, the app store is filling out and Microsoft should be applauded for their efforts on this front.

Microsoft encourages those of you who like living on the technical edge to sign up for the Facebook beta program as it helps the company include the features most requested by users for the next public release.

You can grab the app now from the Windows Phone Store on your phone and experience Microsoft’s latest efforts in creating a best-in-class Facebook application.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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Glad this is out of BETA, though I have been using the BETA exclusively since it was announced. Only major problem for me was the Nokia 920 kept heating up like crazy. I hope it has been fixed and was not defined as a feature. The heat has been decreasing lately though...

yeah, I also noticed my Lumia 620 heating up quite a bit with one of the betas. I uninstalled it, waiting for it to be fixed for the final version.

It's a great improvement compared to it's earlier version. I've been using it since the beta and I'm sad to hear that the 'beta' tag has been removed... It's far from finished...

Between the versions, chatting with the app worked a few times, but with this final version, it simply doesn't. It's no refreshing the chat so you have to reopen the conversation over and over again.

Now, that wouldn't be THAT big of an issue, if it actually worked fast and flued. It's not. Clicking back, or the message icon on top simply has delay of seconds or it doesn't respond at all.

Oh, and images people are sending simply aren't shown. Not even an mention about it.

Typing comments or posts works, but like 50% it shows the keyboard on top of the input box, so you won't see what your typing, unless you've reclicked everything 3 times.

Now, I wouldn't mind these bugs, slowdowns on an Android Phone that costs like 50 bucks, but on a Lumia 920 this shouldn't be happening.

Again, great improvement compared to the WP8 version before, but still a long way to being decent. Hopefully facebook themself can make a working app?

(oh, and for those who wonder why i'm not using the inbuild facebook chat with messaging? Well, I want to, but only the first message arrives, others don't. Unless it has a week of no issues. But that's another story ; ) )

Agree with all your points. It's a nice improvement, WP is gorgeous, but there's just too many little (sometimes not so little) flaws that MS need to address. You'd think with the GDR releases they could fix the issues with the messaging app so msgs flow properly but it didn't happen with GDR1 and I haven't heard it's improved with 2. I really want to not need a FB app, but messaging just isn't consistent. Why not improve messaging and people (integrate Instagram), then we wouldn't need all these apps.

I've been using the beta since it was first available and I couldn't go back to the old version. I'm glad it's finally released to everyone.

Yes you can. Swipe to the left for chat, swipe to the right for favorites and all the settings. You sir, never used iOS Facebook app.

Shyatic said,
Far and away the best FB app.

It is very good. I just hope some features like saving a picture or sharing something come to it as well. It's well on its way though.

M_Lyons10 said,

It is very good. I just hope some features like saving a picture or sharing something come to it as well. It's well on its way though.

first lets WP catchup then we will talk about apps.

Shyatic said,
Far and away the best FB app.

I wouldn't go that far.

I use both an iPhone and a Lumia, so I can compare the two Facebook apps, and the iOS version still comes out on top at the moment mainly due to push messaging, which the WP version still lacks (as well as the seen timestamps, and the conversations automatically updating when you're on the app).