Facebook gets a facelift

In an entry on the Facebook blog, Carolyn Abram has announced the launch an updated version of the popular social networking site. The changes were grouped in three main categories:

  • A navigation and profile simplification – The menu options once on the left hand side have now been reorganized into "Core Aspects" on the top menu, "Applications" on the left menu, "Settings" on the top right and everything else at the footer of the page. Profile-related tasks are now available from a drop-down menu at the top of every user's profile page.
  • The introduction of "Inbox" – The former "My Messages" and "My Shares" pages have been merged to allow sending a single or a group of friends a message with or without a shared link, and easily track the ensuing conversation in one "thread" in your Inbox.
  • Network Pages – To make networks more relevant to their real-world counterparts, pages for network members, events, trends, and demographic information are now available. Anything visible on a Network page is something that is already accessible to members of that network. "Publicize" options allow groups and events easily distinguish what will and will not appear on the Network page. In addition, each page now has a full version for members of the network and a limited public version.
Link: Official Facebook Group of Neowin.net
View: Redesign Tour
News source: Facebook Blog

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Facebook gets a lot of flak anytime a feature is changed/introduced. Give it time, you'll know it like the back of your hand.

No crap. People are far too adverse to changes in something they're used to. I like the changes a lot. Gives it a fresh look. There are a lot of new aesthetic bits that I really like, and navigation really couldn't be easier. And if it's not easier, it's not any harder than it was before. If it takes you any more than one visit to get used to, you aren't very good with the internet - it's not particularly difficult.


i don't understand what was wrong with the old one! Things are unneccesarily buried under submenus when previously you could access almost everything from any page with just one click. i dont understand how this 'simplifies' things :confused:

Yeah. Apart from the new networks page, this layout is a bit confusing. And what's with the misalignment at the top right corner?

I think that the misalignment is part of the new 'look'. The only problem, it's hideous and it looks so much more messy than before. Part of the reason i prefer facebook is that it doesnt waste time trying to look all flashy like MySpace.

However, I do like how they merged 'My Messages' and 'My Shares' into one Inbox, I think that that will make things simpler. I also like the idea of having the ability to track the conversations within a thread within the inbox.

The more complicated interface isn't an improvement, it merely serves to confuse all facebook users until they get "used to it", and there is no end benefit either. Things are messier looking, take longer to access where you want to go, and overall it just detracted from the simplicity of the previous interface.

Network pages are also a bad idea in my opinion. What if you want to have groups that DONT show up for everyone to see in your network, but you dont want to make it a private group? This also reminds me of the way MySpace organizes it's networks.