Facebook Home now available for some Android phones

As promised earlier this month, Facebook has now launched their Facebook Home Android OS skin, allowing some Android-based smartphones to have an experience centered around the social network's services. Facebook Home is available out of the box on the HTC First smartphone, which went on sale earlier today via AT&T for $99 with a two-year contract.

At the moment, the only other Android smartphones that support Facebook Home are the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, along with the HTC One X+. Facebook Home is also supposed to work with the upcoming HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4.  The actual download for Facebook Home is available via the Google Play store.

This new family of apps includes Cover Feed, which fills the entire smartphone screen with a post or image from one of your Facebook friends. Users swipe on the screen to see more posts. It also offers Facebook notifications that can be seen from the Home screen. Facebook has also updated its Messenger app so that Facebook Home users can chat with friends no matter what app they are using at the time.

Microsoft has already gone after Facebook Home's "people-centric apps" theme, stating that Windows Phone offered such an idea over two years ago.

Source: Google Play | Image via Facebook

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I installed it today on my Nexus 7 but as someone that doesn't use chat on it (I have a Windows Phone with FB chat integrated) and find it useless to have my news feed as a home screen.

Perhaps if it was just a locks creen/daydream it could prove more useful.

I used a set of patch APK files to set it up in unsupported devices.

People put BS on their devices, along with animated graphics, dancing this, moving that, refreshing all the time, then complain about battery life.

Hey kids, now you can get yourself a Kin and/or what Windows Phones have been offering from the start with People Hub.

Tried, and uninstalled after 10 minutes.

The lock screen is great… but the problem is that it literally takes control of your phone. You lose the Jelly Bean experience, you lose your launcher, you lose everything, including essentials functions of your phone.

The lock screen alone would have been cool… in its actual form, it's a joke

While agree that it basically makes your phone a facebook phone, saying you lose essential functions of your phone is rather ridiculous.

You don't lose your launcher. From Home, drag your home profile pic to apps or HTC Sense, or whatever your launcher is. Obviously, if you're not really into facebook, it's not a step you want to have to take.

Just installed on One X+. Pretty slick. Will definitely be popular. Not for me, but can't deny it's pretty dang slick. Better than most complete third-party fb apps ::cough::

@Chasethebase Not for me on a daily basis but I agree, the chat heads is very cool.

Facebook home is stupid. There's really no need for it with its limited functionality. After 30mins of use I turned it off. Maybe it will get better over time but right now it's not needed. Note 2 user here and it makes my phone feel real cramped. Sigh, I don't even know why I bothered.

Lacks widgets and other types of app support. Basically will just limit your phone to facebook things. Not for me.

I'm not feeling Facebook as a home launcher... seems rather lacking and unnecessary. But there are people who need FB 24/7. Feed the fiend