Facebook Home to be made available outside US from today

Facebook launched its Facebook Home skin for some Android smartphones on Friday via the Google Play store, to some rather mixed user reviews. However, the skin that turns some phones into a full screen Facebook news feed is not yet available in other parts of the world. That should change very, very soon.

VentureBeat.com reports that Facebook's director of mobile engineering Cory Ondrejka confirmed today at the Dive into Mobile conference that Facebook Home should become available to download internationally sometime later today. Facebook Home, with its Cover Feed and other apps, currently supports just a few Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, the HTC One X+ and the new HTC First. It is also supposed to support the upcoming HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

AllThingsD.com also reports that iOS devices will be able to download the "Chat Heads" notification feature that's included with Facebook Home as a separate app later today. Facebook Home itself will get a major update sometime in mid-May for Android but there's no word on what it will include. There are currently some conflicting stories about whether or not Facebook plans to bring the full Facebook Home experience to iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Source: VentureBeat.com | Image via Facebook

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I don't like the Home part, but I actually do enjoy how the messages appear from the Messaging app. You don't need Home for that.

It's an interesting idea but for me personally, I wouldn't want my Facebook notifications appearing on my phone screen throughout the day.