Facebook introduces anonymous login for third party apps

Facebook has made it easy to log onto websites and third party apps by using their user name and password from their social network account. Today, Facebook revealed it is working on a way to do the same thing but without having any personal information be transmitted from the account to the app.

The anonymous login feature is one of the many changes Facebook announced today as part of its f8 developers conference. The company stated that this addition will allow users a chance to hold off on revealing more information to third party apps until they feel comfortable with using them. The feature is currently in testing with a few apps and will be rolled out to more of them in the near future.

Facebook also announced that users will soon be able to select specific information they wish to share with third party apps if they use the login feature. For example, they can decide if they want to reveal their name and email address, but not their birthday. It also won't write any posts to Facebook's News Feed without the user's permission. The new Facebook login features will be made available in the coming months.

Finally, users will be able to view which Facebook-connected apps they have with a new dashboard. It will allow them to manage any specific permissions for each app, or to remove some of them from their list.

Source: Facebook | Image via Facebook

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Simply put, you are the product of facebook for many years. Ostensibly, you don't have a privacy right as long you sign up for an account and those privacy tool won't help because it won't prevent third party or facebook from accessing your friend list once you allow when you incline to used the service.

Dear Facebook, it's not the 3rd party apps I'm bothered about having my data, quite frankly it's you FB. (I don't mean about me having a fb account, I mean with this fb still knows what 3rd party apps I'm using. The anonymisation only goes one way.)

How does facebook get your data if you don't give it to them? wait, are you saying that you have a FB account and actively give them your data?

I do actively give them data, I didn't say I didn't. What I'm saying is why say a product offers you anonymous logins when it doesn't. FACEBOOK STILL KNOWS. Jeez learn to read. I acknowledged that the issue wasn't about having a facebook account but the misleading nature of the app which makes it sound as though facebook doesn't know which site you're anonymously signing into either, when it does.

Just to clear it up, I'm laughing at use of Facebook in general, logging via Facebook is giving up your anonymity regardless of your connected services and any "protections" good ole Facebook might put in place towards Third-party devs and what data they get to siphon from your Facebook account

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