Facebook is down for reasons unknown [Update: Back online]

Facebook servers seem to be having issues as the website has become inaccessible for users worldwide.

Currently, the reason behind Facebook's outage is unknown but we will be keeping an eye out as things happen.

Update: The website is back up for everyone, however, Facebook has not revealed the cause of the unexpected downtime.

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Like others have mentioned, Neowin was down for me as well. Facebook wasn't a big deal because honestly...who cares? Neowin on the other hand...

Well, i didn't notice anything at all.

Might as well suggest you sirs a proper OS, like Linux, so this sort of things doesn't happen at all? /+Jack Unterweger mode off

And YouTube videos don't play for me - the website loads, but the videos cannot be played ...wonder if Putin is behind it: http://rs1img.memecdn.com/just-putin_o_984230.jpg :)

Or if Fat Bastard farted and thus taking down the internet ;)

Winter is coming...

Edit #1: Neowin and Facebook both unreachable. Winter is coming sooner.
Edit #2: CTRL+F5 isn't helping... The end is nigh.
Edit #3: Neowin and Facebook revived. Winter storm warning cancelled. Life carry's on.

They were trying to integrate gifs into cover photos ;)

But Neowin was down for me for a few minutes ...man, I've never sweated that much before! :)

Edited by Steven P., Sep 3 2014, 9:42pm :

pallipdrsn0 said,

But Neowin was down for me for a few minutes ...man, I've never sweated that much before! :)

Same here. Weird.

Nick H. said,
It was down when I read the article, but I seem to be able to connect again. I wonder what happened?
It got fixed?

If I can't get back onto FB within the next 5 minutes, I might start shooting people
Must resist


Interestingly, probably coincidence, just before the service went down (poor sites that use Facebook for user login), the Facebook tab I have jacked up to using almost a gig of RAM. Enough that I had to stop and check.

Steven P. said,
Is it the end of the world? Let us know in the comments :p

It's the end of the world as we know it....... and I feel fine *snaps out of it*