Facebook lets anyone use embedded posts; adds new features

A few weeks ago, Facebook started rolling out its embedded news posts by allowing a few media outlets access to this feature. Now, the company is letting anyone embed Facebook news posts on their websites and blogs.

In addition to launching the embedded post feature to everyone, Facebook has announced it has added a way to run videos from those posts directly on the web page. Web sites that have a drop down "Like" or "Follow" Facebook button on their web pages can also bring up the embed code by clicking on those buttons.

If a person views a Facebook embedded post on a mobile device, the width of the post is reduced so it can fit better on a smaller screen, while also including larger Like, Comment, and Share buttons for better access for touchscreens.

It will be interesting to see how many websites start embedding Facebook posts, as they have done with YouTube videos and Twitter messages. A new version of the WordPress plug-in for Facebook also adds embedded posts alongside the current supported features.

By the way, if a Facebook post that is embedded on a site is later deleted by the author, the website with the embedded post will show this image:

Source: Facebook | Image via Facebook

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Me neither, despite being on the waiting list since the announcement. They're clearly not caring for that list.

Also, what a tease for those who don't have it, since I can now embed posts, and guess what -- the embedded style is using the new style from the new newsfeed.

Anyway, too bad you can't add comments within the embedded post. You're instead redirected to Facebook.com. That would have been a pretty nice way to add feedback to things posted elsewhere, without having to leave the site. I think Facebook would benefit from this too, from more user interaction.

Ah, that must've been the bugs I had a few days back. Wouldn't let me embed a youtube video into facebook.. (through the youtube like button > share on facebook) came up with a problem that the embedding was wrong or something.

didnt matter I just posted the vid on my page which still worked properly.