Facebook Messages gets a new look

Facebook today announced changes to the messaging centre to little fanfare, but the changes should be welcome to users frustrated with the way the service worked. 

There aren't any brand new features in tow, this is more of a visual refresh. Conversations are now viewed side-by-side with other threads, so you can easily go from one conversation to another without leaving the page. According to Facebook, in the only information they give about the upgrade, "you can bring conversations to life with multiple photos and emoticons."

They also point out that search has been revamped and you can search for a senders name from the messages view, and that the service now supports keyboard short-cuts (and you can get a whole list of shortcuts inside the messaging service by hitting Alt + Q). 

Not much more information is known about the upgrade yet, but according to the product page, we should all be seeing the upgrade sometime today.

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Mike Allen said,
I haven't gotten the last 3 or so changes that Facebook has made to the GUI.

Agreed, I'm still eagerly waiting for the photo album update

the420kid said,
i'm sure they are just prepping to put more ad's into it, prop up the stock price, etc.

As well as improving the experience for the users.